On 15 Years Of Blogging

I hadn’t planned to pen any reflections on my 15th year blogiversary, but this drive by comment last week was an amusing impetus:

Wow! I remember when “journalists” had a basic understanding of English grammar, sentence structure, and and communication skills. The author of this piece of drivel fails on all three counts. It seems that every wannabe with an internet connection thinks he’s a journalist.

As a first generation gadget blogger, I’ve never considered myself a “journalist” and hold no illusions — I know my writing is passable at best. (And I recognize the vast majority of English teachers cringe at sentences that begin with prepositions.) What I was and still am is a guy sharing my experiences in tech (conversationally) and turning up cool stuff before mainstream media gets around to it (if they ever do).

In those early days, I did seek out legitimacy through the favor of corporate PR interactions. But over time, it’s become quite clear that you (my geeky peers) continuing to visit the site and engaging in the comments is all the validation I need. I’m merely your tech emcee, kicking off conversation here and on Twitter. In fact, after such unpleasant interactions with TiVo’s former communications exec (who you may have read about in unflattering terms), I swore off most PR years ago (but happily converse with product folks all day, everyday).

Beyond the joy I get from sharing my sloppy writing, I also find pleasure in maintaining the site. But the most fulfilling aspect since changing course (thanks TiVo!), is my investigative work – discovering the things that would rather remain hidden. Writing is actually the least time consuming portion of running this business, er, hobby… and I guess it shows.

Anyhow, I wanted to take this moment to emphasize that I appreciate you. Well, most of you. Not that asshat quoted above.

22 thoughts on “On 15 Years Of Blogging”

  1. Congrats on 15 years! I don’t know when I started reading ZatzNotFunny, but I know I’ve been reading your blog for a long time. You’ve covered a lot of my tech interests, starting of course with TiVo, but you’ve also covered universal remotes, home Wi-Fi and networking solutions, smart doorbells/cams, and even trade shows – all from a unique perspective that I think is suitable for tech novices and self-proclaimed experts alike. Congrats again – hoping you’ll be around a while longer, grammar critics notwithstanding!

  2. Hah, Zune. :)

    I still have my 80Mb Zune, a belt clip case with plastic screen cover, docking cradle with A/V cables, iHome radio docking station (which still sounds AMAZING, btw), and multiple Zune branded power chargers. Yes, I went all-in on Zune. All-in, I tell ya!

    I’ll admit I loved the Zune Windows media player/music/video organizer. Had podcasts, great sorting and playlist options. Honestly I miss that compared to what the replacement/default Win Media Player offers!

    PS – The Zune still works. Every once in a while I find it in a drawer, dock it on the iHome radio base, and launch some ancient music. The bizarre “touch pad” scr5oll control drives me crazy today because I so badly just want to swipe the screen. But MS and Zune weren’t quite there yet with touch screens yet! LOL

  3. Yea – it’s the Internet. So I think those kind of comments tend to just come with the turf. Don’t let it bug you. We all would have unsubscribed long ago if we hadn’t found your commentary helpful. Keep up the good work. Jay

  4. Like I said, 15 years experience (ignoring them). :) However, “journalist” in quotes dovetailed in a fascinating way with my thoughts as I’ve been contemplating what “blogger” means in 2020 when so many media outlets are essentially blogs … staffed by journalists. I’ll just keep doing my thing, irrespective of label (and haterade).

    By the by, speaking of hidden things, kudos to Roku successfully keeping their new hardware off everyone’s radar. This could be the first year nothing leaked.

  5. Hey Dave, Thanks for 15 years of good reads, fun and active exchanges on a favorite subject. Hope you and we together will enjoy many more in years to come. Steve

  6. Cheers to my favorite blogger! Your tech and AV interests coincide precisely with mine and you have an excellent writing style. I appreciate your words and wisdom! Thanks, and kudos.

  7. Haters gonna hate Dave. I for one have enjoyed your blogging and tweeting for many many years. Many of us have grown up together with tech. I even enjoy hearing about tech from your “Dad” perspective. Keep it up will always be a fan and respect your opinion.

  8. Allow me to add to the validation! I’ve been reading your blog most of the 15 years. I came here from seeing something on TiVo Community. I used to love my TiVo but this will be my last one. It’s just a matter of do I let it die first and then make the change or do it proactively. Thanks for the 15 years and for dealing with asshats :-)

  9. I’ve always enjoyed your blogging, for near 15 years. You’ve held up a lot better than Tivo. My Tivos are long gone, but I still follow your blog. Sticking with it for all that time is quite an accomplishment.

  10. Congratulations on 15 years! I’ve enjoyed your focus, while other tech bloggers just can’t keep themselves from going political.

  11. Keep up the good work, and as a former journalist, I have never found your writing to be an issue. I have pointed out errors to other newsletter authors and bloggers that I read, usually to be helpful, not spiteful/ :-)

  12. Jack, yeah that’s the difference between our community and a drive by. I gladly accept feedback on logic or spelling issues, especially since I pretty routinely typo the headline. :)

    Dana, I still reserve the right to pivot to Disney blogging… ;)

    And, as you can see, my wife has chimed in. The blog certainly wouldn’t exist without her support and patience, as this is something I do in my (our) free time. She’s even enjoyed contributing from time to time.

  13. Drive by trolls haven’t changed in 15 years, still pounding away on an ancient beige tower PC in a basement they don’t own. Keep at it Dave :)

  14. Well I see I’m super-late to the party, but I can’t read this and NOT say congratulations! Grammar is nice, but your real quality is your honesty, independence, and a perspective that we all can relate to (someone who really digs new gadgets and toys).

    Fifteen years! Holy Crap! I even have some vague memories of when you were first talking about doing this back in the “Jim and Stacey” days, and it’s very cool to see what it has ultimately become.

    Keep up the good work, my friend.


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