Wyze Chime To Support More Than Just Doorbell

As we know, the Wyze Video Doorbell continues its march towards release. But, now due to a recent FCC filing, we learn the requisite chime accessory will also support a selection of Wyze Cams… for those who have upgraded to Wyze Sense and associated RF USB bridge. As such, at the very least, I imagine we’ll be able to trigger a Wyze Chime tone when a door sensor opens or closes, as with most smart home security systems such as Ring Alarm and Nest Secure – at a fraction of the cost.

Of course, as Wyze leans on a number of manufacturers, the chime may not be interoperable with their entire product line – and, while not unexpected, support for the Wyze Lock is notably absent from FCC documentation.

2 thoughts on “Wyze Chime To Support More Than Just Doorbell”

  1. You are incorrectly making an assumption about it’s interoperability with the rest of the product line. The setup instructions you are referring to are just that; setup instructions for connecting the chime to the ecosystem. It needs an RF connection to be accessible to the rest of the ecosystem. The Bridge and the future Doorbell supply that connection. From there, it can be triggered by a number of Wyze devices and events.

  2. Assuming you’re affiliated with the company in some way and know of what you speak, that’d be great news if Wyze is able to daisy chain the chime. Unfortunately, underlying interoperability and design decision concerns remain. For example, sounds like folks who’d like to use the chime with a Wyze Outdoor Cam or Lock must also purchase an indoor Cam and Wyze Sense kit. Maybe a WiFi chime would have been the better approach…

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