The Next TiVo Stream 4K Update Has Arrived

Although arriving a month later than anticipated, and without HDR improvements, the second TiVo Stream 4K update has just hit with various other improvements. Some of the more notable Android TV updates as spelled out by Redditor tivopm:

  • Apps are now accessible from the Left Navigation Menu on the Stream App
  • Remote Control pairing and TV/Audio Improvements
  • Additional Dolby Atmos support
  • Fixes for flashing video playback in some apps
  • HDMI-CEC Improvements

I’ve shot a brief video of the TiVo Stream upgrade process (above), should you be interested in seeing it in action or accelerating the update for yourselves. Although my software loadout is a bit non-standard… more to come. :)

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  • I'm reading stuff about it messing OTA (MPEG2) playback on certain devices. Not working in the HDHomeRun app, Channels, Live Channels on Android TV, etc.

    At least in the Channels app, going to Settings > Player > Video Player > Decoder, and switching it to Software (from Hardware or Hybrid) fixes it.

    I also heard this update disabled access to Developer options. Which will affect our ability to customize these...

  • Unfortunately, it looks like TiVo has introduced some pretty serious new bugs... or perhaps intentional limitations. MPEG2 is no longer rendering for streaming content like HDHomeRun and Channels, plus Developer options are now are of reach. Sigh.

  • I guesd I'm glad I returned both of mine. Since it sounds like it still has major HDR issues.

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Dave Zatz