The Next TiVo Stream 4K Update Has Arrived

Although arriving a month later than anticipated, and without HDR improvements, the second TiVo Stream 4K update has just hit with various other improvements. Some of the more notable Android TV updates as spelled out by Redditor tivopm:

  • Apps are now accessible from the Left Navigation Menu on the Stream App
  • Remote Control pairing and TV/Audio Improvements
  • Additional Dolby Atmos support
  • Fixes for flashing video playback in some apps
  • HDMI-CEC Improvements

I’ve shot a brief video of the TiVo Stream upgrade process (above), should you be interested in seeing it in action or accelerating the update for yourselves. Although my software loadout is a bit non-standard… more to come. :)

17 thoughts on “The Next TiVo Stream 4K Update Has Arrived”

  1. I’m reading stuff about it messing OTA (MPEG2) playback on certain devices. Not working in the HDHomeRun app, Channels, Live Channels on Android TV, etc.

    At least in the Channels app, going to Settings > Player > Video Player > Decoder, and switching it to Software (from Hardware or Hybrid) fixes it.

    I also heard this update disabled access to Developer options. Which will affect our ability to customize these…

  2. Unfortunately, it looks like TiVo has introduced some pretty serious new bugs… or perhaps intentional limitations. MPEG2 is no longer rendering for streaming content like HDHomeRun and Channels, plus Developer options are now are of reach. Sigh.

  3. I guesd I’m glad I returned both of mine. Since it sounds like it still has major HDR issues.

  4. The new update also disable direct access to the developers option. Only way to get into developers option is to enter a pin. Tivo not giving the pin out either.. Guess I go back to android box or Amazon..

  5. [sigh] One of this device’s *saving graces* was Developer Options and the customizability it afforded. For them to force an update that removes it is such a dick move.

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times over the years that TiVo managed to come up with a new and creative way to disappoint. The only surprise at this point should be that I’m surprised.

  6. Idiotic not having these also act as a TiVo mini. If an Android phone can playback what is on my main box, these should have no problem doing the same.

  7. from the first day only the /input/ and /mute/ buttons have worked on my tv. although i completely blitzed remote settings and the android settings passed the test where you hit /ok/ and the volume went up and you hit /ok/ again it showed the info, my tv still doesn’t respond to /vol+/-/, and mute although it does still support /input/ and /power/. i went through the ‘change tv’ routine more than a dozen times with no change. test passed, real life fails.

  8. Removing developer options this is just ridiculous. I’m definitely done with TiVo within the next year.

  9. From the thread, they will revert the Developer Options PIN lock. But knowing how fast (slow) they’ve able been to iterate, I assume it will be at least a few weeks. Contemplating a new post entitled “TiVo is Trash.” How are they so bad at this?

  10. The flashing issue has been by far my biggest problem the Stream. So happy to see that fixed. Hopefully turning off HDR will be next.

  11. There aren’t many companies that can so consistently shoot themselves in the foot. Enter a crowded market and stumble so badly, especially with existing customers.

  12. followup to my initial reaction that it didn’t fix the remote control issue and btw, my tv is not exotic, it’s a 3 year old sony bravia. anyway, from the very first day the stream has not shown me my free sling stuff in the guide. i tried again and again and unlinked and relinked the sling account to my tivo account.

    but after this update i’m seeing both tivo and sling channels in the guide.

    i’ve also noticed more ugly stuff though. whereas before it was turning my sony tv off at random about 2 times a day, now it’s physically changing the inputs and popping up on the screen and hijacking whatever source i was watching. also, the tv is still turning off 2x a day.

    one can only shake ones head at the sheer incompetence. of course, long ago when i got the first tivo which used cable cards (at over $1000 i believe), tivo tried for two years to make it work. i used to know every single person who worked in upper tier tech support by first name. at one point i searched linkedin and found the email of the time warner ceo and complained and he sent out a tech swat team which found nothing wrong. the issue was never solved and eventually i moved and abandoned the tivo although i did try to boot it up and it’s stuck in the startup dialogue and those in the know on the tivo forums say this can only be fixed by a complete re-imaging which blitzes all your recordings which isn’t a solution as all i wanted to do was try to watch them.

  13. I returned mine due to the HDR issues. Glad I did, though two months after Tivo received it they still hadn’t issued my refund and I had to dispute the original charge with my bank to get my money back.

  14. I like the way that HDR is always on… Just how my Apple TV works and less flicker when watching shows.

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