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TiVo Relaunches Mini With Backlit Remote (and price hike)

Although TiVo appears to be predominately focused on their new Android TV streaming stick, the legacy retail DVR line has not been forgotten. And the discontinued TiVo Mini VOX has been replaced by the TiVo Mini Lux.

As TiVo PR has recently seemed somewhat unfamiliar with the product lineup, in addition to response times ranging from slow to non-existent, I conferred with an inside source regarding the new TiVo Mini Lux. I can confirm the only change to this DVR extender is bundling the newer backlit remote. Well, that AND a $20 price hike – which brings the MSRP to $200.

For cord cutters with multiple televisions, there are better options. However, for those still beholden to the cable company, TiVo provides a superior, cost-effective solution… and a backlit remote is a nice enhancement.

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  • I thought they added CEC, via software, like a year ago? May require TE4/Hydra. I no longer have any Minis (and my DVR is unplugged) to check.

  • "I no longer have any Minis"

    I know...I have one of yours! :) I thought they didn't add CEC to the minis—just the main boxes. Maybe that's changed now but requires the newer hardware.

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