TiVo Relaunches Mini With Backlit Remote (and price hike)

Although TiVo appears to be predominately focused on their new Android TV streaming stick, the legacy retail DVR line has not been forgotten. And the discontinued TiVo Mini VOX has been replaced by the TiVo Mini Lux.

As TiVo PR has recently seemed somewhat unfamiliar with the product lineup, in addition to response times ranging from slow to non-existent, I conferred with an inside source regarding the new TiVo Mini Lux. I can confirm the only change to this DVR extender is bundling the newer backlit remote. Well, that AND a $20 price hike – which brings the MSRP to $200.

For cord cutters with multiple televisions, there are better options. However, for those still beholden to the cable company, TiVo provides a superior, cost-effective solution… and a backlit remote is a nice enhancement.

15 thoughts on “TiVo Relaunches Mini With Backlit Remote (and price hike)”

  1. I thought they added CEC, via software, like a year ago? May require TE4/Hydra. I no longer have any Minis (and my DVR is unplugged) to check.

  2. “I no longer have any Minis”

    I know…I have one of yours! :) I thought they didn’t add CEC to the minis—just the main boxes. Maybe that’s changed now but requires the newer hardware.

  3. That’s correct, CEC was only added to my Roamio Pro on TE4/Hydra. My two Mini’s, obviously also on TE4/Hydra, did not get CEC, and it was a maddening omission, because those TVs are the ones with simpler setups where CEC would’ve come in most handy.

    I finally surrendered, too many straws on this camel’s back. I disconnected it all and am selling off my TiVo gear (am extraordinarily happy with Channels DVR) but confess I’m morbidly curious to hear if the Mini Lux does support CEC.

  4. Josh, do you have the v1/v2 trapezoidal Minis or are they 4K/VOX Minis?

    Channels DVR does seem to be the premiere TiVo replacement. My family is quite happy with the results.

  5. I think this is a sign they are not going to support watching shows on the stream 4K from a TiVo. I think I shall be abandoning TiVo sometime next year for channels DVR. This saddens me even though I’ve only been a user since 2011.

  6. We have one mini now, down from two after one died. That TV now just has an Apple TV and no TiVo at all. Probably wouldn’t replace the one in our master if it dies. The Bolt continues, but we use it less and less as we shift much of our viewing to Disney+, Hulu, Netflix, Prime, Peacock etc. Wish the TiVos had CEC just to switch the inputs, but whatever. We won’t be buying anything else from TiVo regardless.

  7. Interesting they are pushing Wifi on the new device. I have had horrible experiences with WiFi and minis. I have eight, so I have a lot of experiance connecting them. MoCa or Powerline Ethernet are the only reliable methods I have used.

  8. I dumped cable and Tivo for Channels with a HDHR and TVE from a family member’s satellite subscription. No regrets whatsoever. I did just purchase a Stream 4k to play around with, but have no intentions of replacing my Shields.

  9. The Mini Vox experience with the TiVo WiFi adapter for me has been solid. I considered another one for an extra TV, but it is pretty pricey for what it is.

  10. $200 for a MINI. LOL. Nighty night, tivo.

    My roamio OTA’s and older mini’s (one is the slightly newer one with the RF remote and faster cpu) never got CEC, but I kept them on TE3. Silly. About the only streaming device I’ve bought in over 5 years that didn’t have it.

    I’ve also run the roamio and the minis off of both externally programmed wireless to ethernet dongles and very old powerline gear. Never a blip.

  11. I had one of each version of the trapezoidal Minis, and would have seriously considered upgrading, if they ever supported CEC.

    But now with their broken promise about the AppleTV client app, the indignity of the pre-roll ads, and the embarrassment that is TiVo+ … ugh. I just had to bail. It was getting to be too uncomfortable. After 20 years, it was time to say goodbye.

  12. Now rebooting our mini every day or two as it becomes non-responsive to IR remote input after a while. Just garbage.

  13. Someone could put this new mini in front of a premier or a roamio much cheaper than buying an edge. Plus you can easily upgrade a Premiere or a Roamio to 8TB.

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