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TiVo Stream 4K Untrusted by Google; Revocation Delinks Nest Products

UPDATE 1 (7/13 PM) Don’t revoke access yet. That may be one trigger for home deletion, given first-hand experience.

I was tipped off to TiVo potentially having inappropriate access to Google accounts. Sadly, I can confirm something is amiss (as pictured above) with the TiVo Stream 4K. Beyond mere access to information, some suspect the TiVo linkage is responsible for inadvertently deleting Google devices, groups, and even Nest homes.

As of Friday, someone who identifies himself as a TiVo rep confirmed there is an issue, while placing the blame on Google and indicating that a fix is being worked. I suggest immediately delinking TiVo from your Google account until remediation has been confirmed. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing.

UPDATE 2 (7/14 AM) Revoking an Android TV device from your account will potentially wreck havoc on your Google/Nest Home experience, including device and subscription delinkage. TiVo and/or manufacturer not getting their hardware trusted resulted in an account security alert, leading some of us to revoke access, thus surfacing the Google issue. However, TiVo knew as of at least last week that something was up and didn’t warn us. But, hopefully, they can help pressure Google into making us whole.

UPDATE 3 (7/16 PM) Self-identified TiVo rep indicates the security alert is merely a cosmetic issue that Google is working to resolve. I had begun taking steps to recreate and record the issue, beginning to end, to document for Nest engineering and the community, and it appears the security alert has indeed been cleared. However, as Nest engineering seems to suggest users are responsible for deleting their homes and with seemingly limited historical data to help us recover, I’ve asked TiVo to please communicate breadth of situation to their Google contacts.

UPDATE 4 (7/27 PM) Google is finally acknowledging what we’ve said for weeks: Revoking Android TV wrecks havoc on Nest (and Google Home to a lesser extent). I’m still hoping Nest Support can provide my Protect link IDs, but it’s seeming unlikely at this point and they’re exploring another option to assist me.

(Thanks John M!)

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  • Beyond the folks reporting issues on the TiVo forum (linked above) and Facebook, I can confirm my Google Home was wiped out. Can't yet say it's in relation to the TiVo linkage, but... :/ :/ :/

  • I just checked my Google Account page for "Apps with access to your account" and noticed that my TiVo 4k Sttream and Xiomi Android TV streamer have identical "full access". So could this be a a Google issue with apps on 3rd party Android TV devices? Wondering if Amazon Fire TV devices have the same. (I am delinking both the TiVo and Xiaomi apps to be safe though.)

    SEI Robotics TV SEI400TV
    Has full access to your Google Account
    Has access to:
    Full account access

    Xiaomi TV Oneday Cast Video Device
    Has full access to your Google Account
    Has access to:
    Full account access

  • I tried to buy a TiVo Stream 4K a couple of weeks ago (because I wanted a Chromecast and it's allegedly that and a lot more, right?) and TiVo was so utterly inept in supporting their website (and that's the only place you can get it, and five years later it STILL won't update my street address for my TiVo account) that I just ended up buying a basic Chromecast instead. Sounds like I dodged a bullet.

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