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Rethinking The Home Office During Max Telework

While I count myself amongst the first generation of remote tech workers in the mid-aughts, treadmill desk and all (ugh), I’ve largely been office-bound the last many years. As such, when my employer sent me home earlier this year, I (like many others) had some reconfiguration to do.

While my comfort and productivity are significantly improved by the following items, I still have work to do. So hit us in the comments with other successful additions to your new or revised workspace.

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    • I bought my wife AirPods for her birthday in January... but have since swiped them for my audio calls and neighborhood walks. Sorry, honey! Trying to avoid video calls when I can - fortunately, most of my colleagues feel similar. So I'm not too worried about the run on webcams.

  • Speaking of treadmill desk, I bought this treadmill laptop stand shortly after starting telework in March, and it's worked reasonably well:

    I found that I don't walk around nearly as much during working hours when working from home, and that has taken its toll on my lower back (despite going out and running daily). Just an hour or so per day on the treadmill at a slow walk while working has helped tremendously.

    It's not great ergonomically, due to the limitations of the laptop form factor - either the screen is too low or my arms are too high. But it's good enough in small doses. I've thought about using the TV in front of the treadmill as a screen so I'm not looking down quite as much, but not sure if it'll make much difference. I'd probably have to move the treadmill a foot or two closer to see small text better.

    Also had to buy an anti static wrist strap and tape it to a metal part of the treadmill using aluminum foil tape, because walking on the treadmill was building up a surprising amount of static electricity and potentially zapping the laptop.

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