The Walking Desk Upgrade


I’m still going through my gear and getting organized at the new place… It’s been a good opportunity to rethink how (and where) I use technology. And I feel pretty certain my desktop CPU form factor computing days are behind me. While I’ve got a Vista tower, it just doesn’t see much use. And I don’t anticipate that changing. So, I wanted to repurpose a pretty nice 19″ Samsung LCD. Parts Express (via Amazon) offers an inexpensive wall mount ($34 shipped) which I hung above my treadmill earlier today as a “walking desk” upgrade. After picking up longer screws for the mount<->LCD attachment, the install process was painless: Use stud finder (ignore included drywall anchors), pre-dill, drive screws into wall and into LCD. I may get some plastic tubing for the cables or perhaps just use another twist-tie to tidy up a bit. (I don’t think it’s worth running the cables through the wall in this location, especially since the DVI cable needs to come back up.) I purchased the shelf from Home Depot last year and the loaner AblePlanet Clear Harmony headphones do a nice job of reducing treadmill motor noise.

7 thoughts on “The Walking Desk Upgrade”

  1. There is something disturbing about a ‘walking desk’. Makes me want to go out and play. Now, if you can get a web cam going of the local Ballys with all the nubile young ladies, well then, this has potential.

  2. You’re thinking of it in the wrong context. This is a partial replacement for that cubicle of half height walls I used to occupy near you. Not only do I get a little exercise, I don’t have an angry co-worker listening in (or contributing) to my phone conversations. ;)

  3. Funny you should happen to think of this, as I was just recently thinking about doing something similar, only with my Xbox 360 rather than the whole computer setup. Keep us posted on how that works for you.

  4. I started using it last summer. I walk at a slow pace while I’m “working” – not all day or every day, but some time here and there. The keyboard is a bit lower than I’d like so I sometimes prop it up with a (ITVN) box, but otherwise no complaints other than I probably went to cheap with the treadmill. What’s new is the wall mounted LCD – the eye level viewing is nicer on my back. Not sure how it’d be playing your Xbox (or your Wii and PS3), but it’s fine for light work and would be fine for television.

  5. Don’t you sweat all over it? You’ve been doing this for a year. Great! I do the same thing with my TiVo. I don’t know if I would feel ‘right’ working up a sweat over a keyboard. but the idea is intriguing.


  6. No sweat. I’m walking very sloooooowly – so I can type, talk on the phone, etc. It’s partially a desk replacement. Yesterday, I was on it about an hour configuring my Vista PC.

  7. Atleast we all know that the concept of a treadmill desk can make us healthy. I have noticed with my homemade version I am getting neck strain so I have been searching for a commercial version that could alleviate this. I found one called TrekDesk at that looks really promising. I walk about 4 hours a day on mine.

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