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There May Be Hope For The TiVo Stream 4K…

While I assume the TiVo Stream 4K does what it’s advertised to do, in providing universal search and aggregating content recommendations from select app partners like Netflix and Amazon Prime, a big miss at launch is the inability to actually access TiVo DVR content… the way it does former nemesis DISH, in Sling TV. With that said, I pinged TiVo PR last week and their response provides a glimmer of hope to us existing TiVo owners:

We have nothing to share at this time but stay tuned for further updates.

Having engaged with press relations over 15 years (and worked marketing myself), if there was zero possibility, the sentence would have ended “at this time.” This doesn’t mean the feature we so desire will ultimately launch or, if it does, in a timely fashion, but I suspect the wording means it’s at least being evaluated – if not outright under development. And let’s say it is. Would the functionality be native and deep TiVo Stream 4K integration or simply a retrofit mobile app … that could also become available to Fire TV and Android TV (as was once promised)?!

I don’t make purchasing recommendations on possibilities. So despite favorable TiVo Stream 4K launch pricing ($50), I suggest folks largely interested in the streamer as a potential TiVo DVR end-point hold off.

(Thanks for the photo Seth!)

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  • I've been hemming and hawing over this thing since it was announced. Currently the owner of a Bolt+ and 4 Minis, I'm deeply entrenched in the TiVo ecosystem. As a base DVR there isn't much to complain about and the equipment paid for itself long ago vs what I'd be paying my cable company for their gear. But, streaming away from home has always been hit or miss (on Android and iOS). The app integration is sub-standard at best, and in the case of the Minis, not even functional. The forced pre-roll ads, while admittedly easy to skip, are bothersome when you consider the monthly fee we're paying for the TiVo service. And being hammered over the head with Tivo+ in EVERY PAGE of the guide and daily reminder mail messages is way over the top. Especially when you consider that every time I try to test Tivo+ (note, I didn't say "watch") on my Minis, it simply leads to a black screen.

    Upon purchasing a RokuTV last year for the living room, I retrofitted every TV in the house with a Roku Premiere in an effort to prepare for the future, whether that would be the now undelivered TiVo app (to put an end to the sketchy Minis) or leaving the TiVo realm entirely and moving to something like YouTube TV.

    Then along comes the TiVo Stream 4K. I like the idea of consolidating all of my shows. But I really have no interest in the Sling service and if it doesn't see my Bolt+ what's the point? How do I reward TiVo with more money when they've failed me on so many levels?

  • I'm interested in the TiVo Stream 4K, but, for me, it's missing two key features:

    1) Wired network connectivity
    2) Support for Live TV streaming services other than Sling

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