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I didn’t quit the DVR. I just quit TiVo.

Despite Roku proclaiming the “DVR is dead” (all the way back in 2011!) and the seismic shift to streaming content, quite a few still appreciate the ability to consume and record “linear” television content. Including me. Yet, as the last TiVo blogger standing, I’ve… unplugged my TiVos.

I’ve often been something of a prickly customer, but TiVo choosing to prepend video advertisements onto my recordings* finally pushed me down this path and the apparent cancellation of set-top streaming clients (think Roku and Apple TV) sealed the deal in January. TiVo hasn’t fulfilled their promises of television on my terms. I recognize my new, possibly convoluted solution won’t be for most and I’m not advocating satisfied customers abandon something that works for their household. But this has always been a first person blog and, thus, I’m reporting my needs are now being met in a chiller, more efficient manner – along with full WAF. While, my approach may be unique, I suspect the defection trend likely isn’t.

As to the upcoming TiVo Stream 4K, well I’ve already invested in several solid streamers. And, even should the TiVo Android TV dongle provide the best cross-app experience out there (that’s the pitch), it doesn’t directly integrate with live television other than Sling TV. As in: my (your) existing TiVo ecosystem and content are begin left behind. Lastly, given what seems to be frequent internal turmoil and leadership changes, I just don’t have faith in the company to stick with it.

So, yeah, I’m out. So long TiVo, and thanks for all the fish.

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  • *Yes, I know I can click-to-skip the ads. But I'd rather not. Also, whereas I know what ads are shown on Disney Jr. and Nick Jr., I have no idea what (or if) TiVo will spam my daughter with. I'm further aware you can call in to have pre-roll ads removed. However, some have had ads reapplied after software updates and with our advocate, VP Ted Malone who made it happen, mysteriously departing the company, I don't have faith that'll be honored going forward (nor that TE3 will be able to stay on TE3). Initially, ad blocking counter-measures failed to load recordings. While that's been resolved, the periodic ads-crashing-settops was still in play shortly before my departure. I don't trust them, don't appreciate the disruption, and have no desire to play a cat and mouse game.

    As far as the last blogger reference, I'm referring to tivoblog pvrblog, and tivo/gizmolovers - shuttered sites, my TiVo-centric contemporaries. I believe there may still be other bloggers out there still using TiVo, maybe Richard Lawler, Richard Gunther, Nilay Patel.

  • Your words echo my feelings and the reason I finally left Tivo as well....but not the DVR. I don't trust them any more.

    I went to a Channels DVR install and after a bit of a learning curve, the wife actually likes it and it works across all our sets.

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