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Nice TiVo Cord Cutter Deal

While March Madness may have been cancelled, TiVo is running a nice “Bracket Buster” sale for cord cutters.

An “all-in” TiVo Bolt OTA for Antenna will run you all of $250. This includes a lifetime of service, powering four tuners and 150 hours of recording capacity – not to mention a very nice voice control remote. All in all, it’d make a great solution for a single television, assuming you have antenna reception at that location. However, for those seeking to power multiple televisions, there are better solutions … given TiVo’s strategic realignment, including cancellation of set-top apps, like Roku.

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  • Do note: the Bolt OTA box can only run the newest TiVo user interface, TE4, which has certain limitations, including the inability to allow PC -> Bolt OTA box show transfers, no TiVo Live Guide which some users prefer (only the standard grid guide is available), and no ability to transfer shows between TiVo boxes from the TiVo boxes themselves (instead, you need to do it online, and there have been major glitches). Oh, and TE4 brings with it TiVo's much-disliked show pre-roll ads (although you can telephone TiVo customer support to have that shut off, if you are persistent) and TiVo+ line ads in the Guide (cannot be removed).

    Some might prefer to pay $100 more during the sale and to get a "regular" Bolt box, which allows the TE4 UI to be sidegraded back to the earlier and ongoing TE3 UI, which has none of these limitations and irritants. The "regular" Bolt box also will allow you to use either cable or OTA service.

    Just a thought--

  • And to clarify, the $100 more for a "regular" Bolt box, noted above, includes a Lifetime subscription.

  • Are any of these deal Tivos compatible with the new ATSC 3.0 standard coming soon? Would love to buy for my parents but don't want something that may not work in a few years.

    • TiVo has been testing external ATSC 3.0 tuners that could use to retrofit these. However, no telling if they go down that path. I believe stations that light up ATSC 3.0 must simulcast on ATSC 1.0 for five years. If so, there’s not much concern. Not to mention world events could change timelines.

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