Upcoming Ecobee Camera Doubles As Echo Dot With Native Alexa

As the upcoming ecobee smart camera inches closer to a presumed fall launch, additional details and our old friend the blurry cam pic have emerged.

I’m told the new camera is but one element of whole home monitoring. Indeed, we know a door/window contact sensor is in the pipeline. But will we see a full-on suite of security services, like Ring, or will this be more informational like Wyze?

What is certain, according to one source, is that the ecobee camera will feature Apple HomeKit and Alexa integration. In fact, like my ecobee thermostats the cam includes mics and speakers for native Alexa – speak to the camera, receive info, “drop-in” from another room, etc. But, in regards to HomeKit, I’m doubtful we’ll see Apple’s new secure video implemented with this rev.

Stylistically, the ecobee camera leaves something to be desired with a contrasting black and white body mounted upon a silver base, to match the new temperature-monitoring smartsensors. Then again, it looks to be a pretty small accessory, with more personality and less blockiness than the Wyze cube.

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  1. After the failure that is the Switch+ I’m not so sure I trust “buying into” ecobee platforms.

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