Apple HomeKit Secure Video Announced

Apple has unleashed a ton of new functionality across their device lineup … that’s still being digested. Yet a significant HomeKit update merited WWDC keynote attention.

Apple rightly points out that most of our connected video camera content is shipped across the Internet and entrusted to service providers, perhaps without sufficient privacy controls. As such, the company has announced HomeKit Secure Video functionality that allows hardware providers to further lean on Apple’s infrastructure.

HomeKit video analysis, such as person detection, happens locally (!) via iPad, Apple TV, or HomePod with the encrypted feed shipped off to Apple’s servers — and reportedly inaccessible by the company. Those on an iCloud plan are entitled to “free” cameras and storage as detailed in the pic above.

Netamo, Anker eufy, and Logitech are disclosed as launch partners (and we’re already big fans of Logitech Circle 2 HomeKit integration, as tweeted above). We expect more details closer to the early fall launch and hopefully a few more hardware partners. Very cool stuff.

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  1. Goodbye Nest. The switch will pay for itself in reduced bandwidth and monthly fees in about 9 months.

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