Spotify Entices New Subscribers With Free Hulu Video Streaming

Spotify is making some serious noise this week. Beyond filing a complaint against Apple for anti-competitive practices, the music streaming heavyweight has launched a new customer promotion that bundles Hulu. Same ten bucks for Spotify Premium… but with the benefit of Hulu. Similar to Google packaging YouTube Red with Google Play Music. Except, we’re talking legit television content (with commercial interruption) and a superior music platform, clearly attempting to get ahead of whatever Apple intends to do with their seemingly anemic video offering. So if you didn’t get in on that 99 cent Hulu deal and are shopping around for a music streaming provider (or willing to restart your Spotify account), this is a pretty solid deal.

4 thoughts on “Spotify Entices New Subscribers With Free Hulu Video Streaming”

  1. This is nice and all, but it doesn’t contain an offer for Spotify Premium for Family. I’d drop Apple Music in a second if it did for $14.99 a month. I don’t think I’d like to go back to sharing a music streaming account with my wife. The results were…less than ideal.

  2. Good point on the promo limitation. My wife hasn’t really taken to this model. She listens to satellite in the car but still wants to purchase the occasional track or album (via iTunes) – even when I’ve given her Spotify or Google Play Music. So we each do our own thing (and aren’t saving any money;). My daughter’s music is mostly free Prime streaming. If they ever cut off the Moana or Frozen soundtrack, we’ll need to rethink things.

  3. They probably want to get out ahead of what Apple plans on announcing with their “It’s show time” event on March 25th.

  4. Hm. I got six months of free Spotify Premium with my Galaxy S10… now let’s see if I can weasel my way into the free Hulu along with it, or if they’re smarter than me.

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