99 Cent Hulu Deal Still In Play

One of the more favorable deals of the season has been Hulu’s 99 cent offer. Yeah, it’s not the ad-free tier, but $12 for an entire year of their fairly extensive catalog is quite amazing. We generally use it for the shows we didn’t know we should be DVR-ing — plus it’s the only streaming service (to my knowledge) with Doc McStuffins, which my daughter loves. Bonus: Occasionally compelling original series like The Handmaid’s Tale.

10 thoughts on “99 Cent Hulu Deal Still In Play”

  1. Don’t forget about Ebates! There was a $10 cash back offer yesterday when I signed up. $2 for a year of Hulu? Yes please.

  2. The ebates reward is down to $5, but still a nice deal on top of a nice deal. If you don’t have an ebates account, you need one for all your holiday shopping given tons of cashback bonuses. Sign up here.

    Regarding Hulu, some former subscribers can take advantage of the deal while others can’t. Make a new account if you need to!

  3. If you use a credit card that has been used on Hulu recently, they will disqualify you from the 99 cent deal. They inform you before it goes through, but make sure you use a fresh credit card. You can go back and change the card afterwards.

  4. It’s telling me page not found. I have bben trying to do it for 45 minutes. what do you click on in this? What to search for on the site?

  5. I had just started a free trial with Hulu last week. Naturally, they would not let me have this deal. So I cancelled my account and created a new one in my wife’s name. At first Hulu would not let me finalize the deal, saying I was ineligible without giving any details. I was trying to pay with Paypal. Next I tried a credit card – still no go. Then I tried different card and it worked.

    Thanks for pointing out this deal. I don’t really think of service providers participating in Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

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