IKEA Smart Shades Are Here (with Alexa and Apple HomeKit!)

Ikea Smartshades are here! Well “here” as in some European stores with broader availability expected February 2nd — hopefully that includes the US, although prior reports indicated our availability would come later in the spring. In any event, we now know sizes, prices, and mechanics.

There are two lines of grey Ikea smart shades, one more opaque (FYRTUR) and one more translucent (KADRILJ). They range in price from 99 – 155 Euro ($113 – $181), which comes in way, way lower than most (all?) existing wireless shades brands (hello Lutron) with broad availability.

They’re powered by a USB-rechargeable battery pack, which will hopefully last many months, and a wireless puck is used for control. Given the documented interaction with the TRADFRI gateway (and smartphone control), we can assume this is a Zigbee solution… that will work independently or in conjunction with Ikea’s Hue-esque smart lighting. Further, integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit (!) is confirmed.

Some product details:

  • The smartblinds can be controlled wirelessly to filter incoming light or prevent outside glare – depending on the activity in the room.
  • With the help of the TRÅDFRI Gateway and App, blinds can be raised or lowered by the timer at the desired time.
  • TRÅDFRI gateway / central control unit and TRÅDFRI app are coordinated. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play or Apple App Store – depending on your phone or tablet model.
  • Complete for control via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home with TRÅDFRI Gateway and TRÅDFRI App.

Listed European sizes:

  • 100x195xm
  • 120x195cm
  • 140x195cm
  • 60×195
  • 80×195

13 thoughts on “IKEA Smart Shades Are Here (with Alexa and Apple HomeKit!)”

  1. Hopefully these sell well (I so, so want)… which will lead to more color options. Although I will make grey work. Exciting times.

  2. Electric shades are a cool idea, but only if they have a built-in solar panel to recharge the batteries. Otherwise changing or recharging batteries is a massive PITA.

  3. If it’s rechargeable by USB you can always get a cheap solar charger to put in the window. I have one I got for $5 on that Wish website that works well enough to charge my cell phone about 20% per hour in full sunlight, I’m sure that’s more than enough to charge this

  4. Zane, the battery goes into a compartment, so I doubt you’d be able to leave a solar panel attached fulltime. Check out the video.

  5. Agree on the solar option but I recently fixed a bunch of blinds in the house and would love to automate our bedrooms. Hopefully the battery will last long enough … months would be ideal for daily usage. This pricing is awesome and very competitive!

  6. That makes no sense, having a solar charger on something that sits in front of a window!? Why would anyone ever do such a thing!

  7. A nice first effort, but aesthetically, you would have thought that they would have put the battery “hatch” on the side, so as not to interrupt the front line of the valance.

  8. Yeah, we’re gonna have to visually tune some stuff out – not as polished as I’d like. Probably can’t side mount the battery for those that would install inside the window,l cutout, as my current home is configured.

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