Google Home Hub Is The Holiday Gift Of 2018

Dave Zatz —  October 25, 2018 — 7 Comments

The refreshed Amazon Echo Dot will make a nice stocking-stuffer, but the newly introduced Google Home Hub could be an excellent holiday gift giving centerpiece. While it features a significantly smaller screen than the competing Amazon Echo Show and sister smart displays… that may actually work to its benefit, in terms of versatility (and contribute to more palatable pricing @ $149). ZNF contributor Adam Miarka picked up a pair and has been quite impressed, especially with its intelligent ambient lighting adjustments compared to Alexa. Jon Maddox, half the team behind Channels, is also a fan:

7 responses to Google Home Hub Is The Holiday Gift Of 2018

  1. Could be the ultimate expression of Audrey? But will it top the Sony Dash for our pal Joel?

    Costco still has 2-packs for $250… hmmmm.

  2. Seems like a “Black Friday” play to me

  3. Chumby was ahead of their time

  4. Oh Geez – I have a chumby somewhere in my shed :)

  5. Finally, a true successor to the Chumby and Sony Dash

  6. I’m glad to hear so many positive reviews. The moment they showed it at the Google Pixel event, I wanted it. I’ve been wanting something like this for years. I kinda that the iPad would do it but this looks even better and the price is very reasonable.

  7. I have to get one now and then take a family photo with the Sony Dash, Chumbys, 3Com Audrey, and Amazon Echo Show. Yes, we have at least one of each.

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