Google Home Hub Is The Holiday Gift Of 2018

The refreshed Amazon Echo Dot will make a nice stocking-stuffer, but the newly introduced Google Home Hub could be an excellent holiday gift giving centerpiece. While it features a significantly smaller screen than the competing Amazon Echo Show and sister smart displays… that may actually work to its benefit, in terms of versatility (and contribute to more palatable pricing @ $149). ZNF contributor Adam Miarka picked up a pair and has been quite impressed, especially with its intelligent ambient lighting adjustments compared to Alexa. Jon Maddox, half the team behind Channels, is also a fan:

7 thoughts on “Google Home Hub Is The Holiday Gift Of 2018”

  1. I’m glad to hear so many positive reviews. The moment they showed it at the Google Pixel event, I wanted it. I’ve been wanting something like this for years. I kinda that the iPad would do it but this looks even better and the price is very reasonable.

  2. I have to get one now and then take a family photo with the Sony Dash, Chumbys, 3Com Audrey, and Amazon Echo Show. Yes, we have at least one of each.

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