All the new goodies!

‘Tis the season…

5 thoughts on “All the new goodies!”

  1. Another Chromecast? I hope they are still very inexpensive. If they are I will pick several up and upgrade. The current ones were so inexpensive they are throw away items. Just like the $20 FireTV sticks I have.

  2. Kinda sounds like mid-next week, around Oct. 7, is the latest possible date that TiVo can announce Bolt if they want to Best Buy to sell it this holiday season. Given that we’re well past the original “late July” timeframe they hinted about, I wonder if they haven’t run into some unexpected problems with the new product…

  3. TIm, who knows – if they’re running well behind schedule they could also work a deal for cash up front, a larger commission or spif, and all sorts of other permutations. A short delay, they might even be able to work out as old friends. Not to mention the company has indicated online sales are a bigger driver these days.

    Jason, someone on the forum who may know something thinks tomorrow is the day.

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