Philips Hue HomeKit Hub Nears Launch – 60 euros?

hue-homekitAs promised (to me personally, natch), all Hue HomeKit details will be revealed this month… and they’ve started trickling out a bit earlier than Philips had anticipated.

By way of two overseas leaks, we get a sense of the updated Hue bridge. The squarer, more sophisticated-looking unit will be available as a standalone purchase, for possibly 60 euros, enabling folks to retrofit an existing Hue household for Siri control via iPhone or iPad. Presumably, we’ll also see new Hue bundles featuring this hub. I imagine the HomeKit portion is additive — If you have Apple devices, bonus. If not, no problem, just use the existing app and functionality.

Meanwhile, I’m not overly impressed with the new dimmer, but am still awaiting brighter Hue lighting and really need some BR30s in the Lux all-white line.

3 thoughts on “Philips Hue HomeKit Hub Nears Launch – 60 euros?”

  1. You know, if this unit was in black it could be yet another speculation of what the new Apple TV would look like. Hmmm…

  2. Curious about this, though being on Android I guess it won’t affect us much.

    Also agree, Hue A19 bulbs need more lumens. The Hue Go portable light is pretty awesome, though. Only like 150 lumens but that’s not the point. Our kids love it and so do I.

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