TiVo Revises Roamio Remote


By way of the FCC, we learn that TiVo intends to refresh their Roamio remote. And, as this is a “permissive change” filing specific to the original TGN-RC30 hardware, the in-place upgrade is likely driven by component availability and cost, perhaps with some performance improvement.

  • Change of PCB pattern size
  • Change of Component size, shift of component.
  • Add component, delete component.
  • Antenna location shift
  • Antenna Chip size change and location shift

Meanwhile, as previously revealed, an RF remote will likely be bundled with the next iteration of the TiVo Mini and, coincidentally, I just received a new TiVo Slide Pro remote (pictured above)… because my Mini has had trouble receiving IR commands deep inside the TV stand. Fortunately, the Slide Pro does include learning capabilities and I’ve programmed the power button to simultaneously control both TV and 5.1 Vizio soundbar. And, once Amazon Instant and Vudu hit in the next couple weeks, I’ll surely put that QWERTY keyboard to work.

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  1. Was bummed the RF dongle is too large to get into the Mini’s USB port and I have to use an (included) extension cord. I hate wires. Then again, I can hide the whole thing now that I have RF, versus IR, control.

  2. The advantage of the USB extender is the ability to locate the dongle so that its easy to push the find remote button on the dongle. I’ve had to use that a few times trying to find my Roamio Slide remote attached to my bedroom Mini.

  3. My 9 month old roamio remote now refuses to send the IR commands for volume and mute on anything but a fresh battery, and that only lasts 2 weeks before those IR commands stop working (but the rest of the remote works fine). I don’t know why it’s like that but it would be nice for TiVo to replace this defective remote with one of their redesigned ones.

  4. They’re just never going to produce a Roamio learning remote, are they? Aaaaaargh.


    “…trying to find my Roamio Slide remote attached to my bedroom Mini.”

    If you keep your remote attached to your Mini, finding it should be dead simple. Just look at your Mini, and that’s where it’ll be!

    Also, if that’s where you keep your remote, may I humbly suggest you may not fully understand the very concept of a remote, Sam…

  5. @Dave Thanks for the link. I didn’t realize that “Learning remotes can control power for up to three different devices”

    So the Vizio sound bar is attached to a Panasonic TV? Just wondering as my Samsung TV with JBL sound bar displays an annoying 10 second pop up message “Your TV is set to use external speakers. Adjust the volume on the connected speakers directly. [OK]” There is no way to turn off the message. My JBL sound bar was reprogrammed to understand the Samsung remote commands.

    Will need to revisit that. :)

  6. “Fortunately, the Slide Pro does include learning capabilities”

    Ugh. My reading comprehension before my second cup of coffee is apparently abysmal. (And given how often I’m joking, no one bothered to correct me, which I fully understand.)

    But beyond the ‘ugh’, now that I understand thanks to Bryan10024’s comment, yay! Double yay!

    Never been a fan of the Slide, and would prefer a simple Glo-style remote with learning capabilities, but the Slide will do. And now I shall actually upgrade to a Roamio with all due alacrity, which I’ve been putting off solely due to the lack of a learning remote, believe it or not. Yay! (Just have to watch the incredibly delicious The Knick for a second time first, since I can’t get it off the TiVo due to CCI byte restrictions, and since there is no streaming option for viewing Cinemax on the lean-back.)

  7. This news is extremely exciting. Not to change the subject on this game changer news, but how about Amazon instant prime? Still thinking November release?

  8. Jack, I’d say between now and the end of November is a very safe bet for both Amazon Instant and Vudu. The second fall update, unless they’re calling it “winter”, also includes “improved video quality and performance while streaming shows to mobile devices” – not sure if that refers to a greater range of bitrates and removal of the proxy or what. There’s some other stuff in the works, both hardware and software – but details and timing are still fuzzy, it may not be for 2014.

    Bryan10024, My Panasonic does the same as your set – with integrated speakers disabled, hitting the volume buttons results in an onscreen message. But I double confirmed via a global reset of the Slide Pro remote and using only the learning function for volume up/down and TV+Soundbar power. Skipped over the TiVo UI for setting TV brand for volume, power, and input and similarly skipped Audio source. If you need input, you may be stuck with that message. But otherwise, you understand correctly.

  9. Thanks for the info about the remotes. I’m even more interested in your suggestion that the new Amazon an Vudu capabilities may only be a couple of weeks away; I sure hope you are right.

    If you had to guess, when do you think the next mini will become available? What do you think the biggest improvements/changes could be?

    Do you think TiVo will get the new HBO service for cord-cutters?

    All the best to you!

  10. I need to control two TiVo DVRs in my main viewing area- a TiVo HD and a TiVo roamio. Only way I know is with the old remote with the 1-2 switch. anyone know of a way to do this with the new Roamio remote that I do like better, save for this particular hassle.

  11. Two remotes or use something like a Harmony remote that will control both with separate remote codes. Although when using the Harmony you will need to use IR to control the TiVos. I mainly use separate remotes since I use RF to control my Roamios and Minis. But I also have them programmed into my Harmony One. My main Harmony One is setup to control four TiVos with four different remote codes.

  12. The wire on a dongle thing is really annoying. You’d think their engineers would do better than that. But I guess I’ll just mount the Mini on a screw or nail behind the TV and let the wire dangle.

  13. It is disappointing that they removed the switch. I use my TiVo remote to control both a mini and an Apple TV, depending on the switch setting. I guess I’ll be keeping my old TiVo HD Glow remote for awhile. Hope it doesn’t die.

  14. How do you get a Tivo remote to control an Apple TV? I’m trying to find a better Apple TV remote without going back to my Harmony. I’ve mostly stopped using my Harmony One since the button presses are slower than the Tivo remote and I like the RF from the Tivo. Plus a lot of the buttons are stuck. Those Harmonies are so poorly made it’s incredible.

    I have no interest in using an app on my phone as a remote. In my opinion an app on a phone/ipad is terrible for a remote.

  15. Thanks for this post. Went through two of the Roamio Slide RF remotes and had nothing but issues. Just checked, and turns out the FCC ID on my last and 3rd replacement ends in C00260. I received this near the end of July and it works 10x better than the originals I replaced previously. Original would miss dual IR TV/AVR power in half the time. Nothing but issues. To Tivo’s credit, they were very cool about swapping out the initial two problematic remotes. New model works flawless. Zero problems, just like the old school slide remote for S4.

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