TiVo Releases Amazon Instant Streaming (Prematurely)

Not that you’d ever doubt us or our sources, but TiVo has gone ahead and confirmed a modernized Amazon Instant app is in the pipeline … by accidentally releasing it a bit early to a subset of customers.

Whereas the current Amazon Instant app is downright ancient by Internet standards, the new take is visually rich and streams Prime videos – something many of us have been clamoring for. We’re also under the impression that the new app will be made available to TiVo Mini extenders in an official capacity and beyond the requisite Roamio and Premiere upgrades.

As to the premature release pictured above, it appeared alongside the existing app and isn’t yet entirely functional. Further, someone at TiVo obviously realized their mistake as it was removed after 4 or 5 hours. Yet, we now know both Amazon and Vudu are coming real soon – November at the latest?

(Thanks Sam, Sully, and HarperVision! Two pics via Ikrion.)

13 thoughts on “TiVo Releases Amazon Instant Streaming (Prematurely)”

  1. Finally! This will make me switching from Dish to OTA/Roamio/Mini much more likely as the wife complains that she wishes that all the streaming services were on the DVR.

  2. I’m glad Amazon played ball with TiVo on this. I was starting to doubt the value of a Prime membership after they jacked the fee. Prime Video was nice in theory, but since the only devices I could use it on were my iPhone and iPad, I wasn’t interested since I prefer to watch movies and TV on a larger screen.

  3. Hmmm… Are you certain that your aren’t dealing with a case of mistaken identity?

    The picture displayed at the top, and far left of your article shows two instances for Amazon Instant Video. I don’t see anything about Amazon Prime.

    I for one hope that Amazon Prime might someday become available on TiVo devices, but a large number issues come to mine which would make that difficult, but certainly not impossible.

    I’ll keep my virtual reality fingers crossed.

  4. I had the app briefly on my TiVo Roamio last night. After going into My Video Sources, there were actually *3* Amazon apps. There were two listings for “Amazon Instant Video,” and one labeled “Amazon Instant Video (Prime).” The icon for the one labeled with Prime was the same as the other Amazon Instant Video apps.

    After selecting the Prime one then going back to Find TV Movies, & Videos, there were two seemingly identical Amazon Instant Video listings. One went to the old standard def Instant Video app, the other went to the familiar Prime interface as seen on other platforms.

    It was clearly prematurely made available; the app wasn’t able to play videos, and had some issues (such as logging into an Amazon account from within the app). That said, it was definitely Amazon Prime.

  5. “Moses, I am not mistaken.”

    Beware. That’s precisely what the golden calf folks said.

    And things worked out really badly for them.

  6. Indeed, he adds a lot to our little community. :) Unfortunately, it’s something of a catch-22. I can add stars/likes, but they use Javascript – thus he wouldn’t see them and could lose the ability to comment altogether. Ha?

  7. “Dave, we need to be able to “Like” comments. Chucky, crack me up!”

    As one who is Aware Of All Internet Traditions, I believe your comment has indeed clearly expressed ‘like’ for my comment. And you did it in the old-fashioned manner with proper netiquette! Kudos to you, Phillip, and thanks for enjoying my dire warning to Dave of potential doom.

  8. In honor of Moses and the new year, I can now doubly confirm Prime will be present… but we’re several weeks away.

  9. “In honor of Moses and the new year, I can now doubly confirm Prime will be present… but we’re several weeks away.”

    But will TiVo atone for the delay next week?

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