6 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Instant Video finally comes to Android”

  1. I installed the Instant Video app on my Asus Android tablet, but basically all it did was have a “continue” button that opens up an Amazon.com page for the Amazon Mobile App in a web browser. Apparently you have to download and install the “Amazon” app, not the “Amazon for Tablets” app, from the Amazon App Store for the Instant Video app to work currently. (The “Amazon” app on Google Play is not compatible and the Amazon for Tablets app from there, which I had already installed, doesn’t seem to work for this either, perhaps due to it likely being an older version.)

    Also it’s odd to have to go through the normal Amazon app interface, but at least now I can stream Amazon videos on my tablet.

  2. Very cool. Finally!

    You can go through the Amazon store app on Android/Google Play. Then it makes you install the Amazon player app, which requires the Amazon app store (and subsequent relaxed Android permissions). A sneaky way to get people using the Amazon app store.

    Seems to work. No Chromecast/DIAL support yet.

  3. Also interestingly it looks like the standard Amazon app now does photo backups? I don’t have my S4 with me – need to confirm.

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