Roku To Unveil Screen Mirroring!


By way of several support notes, perhaps posted a bit early, we learn that Roku is set to unveil mobile device screen mirroring. It’s not clear if these are the Miracast capabilities originally predicted by GigaOm in 2013 or something entirely different, but we do know the feature is currently limited to Roku 3 and Roku Stick (HDMI) hardware and it’s suggested both the Android or Windows Phone streaming device and Roku reside on the same network for best performance. Beyond straight up screen mirroring, Firefox Video Casting is also revealed and is more Chromecast (DIAL) in presentation. Desktop mirroring is referenced too, but a mechanism to pass the content has yet to be described… also, noticeably absent is iOS. I expect we’ll learn more shortly!

Update: And here’s the Windows 8 screen mirroring support note.

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  1. anyone know if this mirroring will work with my Kit kat tablet and TWC on demand adroid app — or does TWC on demand block the mirroring? If it works then I can finally watch on demand on my TV and still not get a TWC canle box :D

  2. It looks like this is indeed at least partially Miracast based. Both Android 4.2+ and Windows Phone 8.1+ and Haswell devices have support. IOS does not yet support Miracast.

  3. Does the TWC mobile app have channels or content than the Roku app?

    As a followup, I’ve learned screen mirroring is a feature of Roku software version 5.6. My Roku 3 is still on 5.5, even after forcing updates last night and this morning. Although, I did’t test updating from the secret service menu – not sure if that would have moved me further up the line in this staggered release.

    Further, Roku added another support note – this one listing (Miracast) compatible devices. Lastly, Roku indicates other streamers in their collection will receive this feature in the first half of 2015. We shall see.

  4. “I did’t test updating from the secret service menu”

    Pretty wise, given that using the Secret Service menu allows mentally unstable armed people to get in close proximity to you…

  5. Note RokuCo mentioned in comment they intend to release mirroring for RokuTV in 2015 -not “other streamers in their collection”.

    There are at two other models – MHL Stick (#3400) and Roku2 (#2720) that are potentially eligible by nature of having WiFi Direct radio – but i doubt they will see any mirror love.

    They pretty much focus only on Roku 3 and HDMI stick these days, with sprinkle of RokuTV (did anybody teardown a TCL RokuTV yet?)

  6. I am clueless. What does roku mirroring mean in regards to me giving up cable? Trying to stream live tv ,and new release movies. Thank you, mickey

  7. Mickey, it provides another way to get content on your TV via a Roku that does not have its own Roku channel. It also allows more than just video, audio, and photos to be displayed via Roku. So, for example, you could use it for business-style presentations.

    In regard specifically to cord-cutting, an example would be for watching CBS shows. The CBS channel for Roku does not offer full episodes, but the CBS app for Android does. (There are other ways for watching CBS shows on Roku, however.) Also this might help those Comcast customers who want to watch HBO-Go via their Roku (which Comcast has been blocking).

    Anyone know if it supports HDCP when mirroring a Windows 8.1 device?

  8. Without a cable/satellite subscription (or an OTA DVR, like Tablo or Simple.TV), you could try out (which has a so-called “private” Roku channel). If you’re looking for sports, you may need to purchase a subscription for each sport individually (not including the NFL which does not do any streaming).

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