Accessing Roku’s Secret Menu


While I’d been vaguely familiar with a prior version of Roku’s service menu, I hadn’t yet stumbled upon the one associated with their newer user interface… Until a co-worker mentioned he’d had some issues resulting in Roku support directing him here. While there’s not a whole lot of interest for most of us on any sort of regular basis, I do believe it’s my digital media civic duty to document its existence. So, to bring up the Roku Secret Screen:

  • Click the Home button 5 times
  • Click the Fast Forward button three times
  • Click the Rewind button twice

It’s not Konami Code difficult, but remember to use the transport controls versus the directional arrows. And I should probably warn you that selecting the wrong option in this menu could possibly brick your device… although I doubt that’s likely.

(Thanks Keith!)

4 thoughts on “Accessing Roku’s Secret Menu”

  1. Would be nice if there was a way to get full dynamic range out of the Roku’s. Right now they clip the blacks and whites which makes it a pain to calibrate with slide videos.

  2. I remember they had an issue when the Roku3(or was it the roku 2) was first released. I had reported it to them but they had an update that corrected it. The ROku 3 and 2 send out RGB. Going through my DVDO Duo it looks fine. UNless something has changed again. I don’t use my Rokus as often as I used to. I tend to use my FireTV, TiVos, and Sony BD players for streaming content instead of my ROkus now.

  3. @aaronwt,

    It’s not whether it’s RGB. It’s whether that RGB signal is being sent at PC (0-255) or Video (16-235) levels. Video leaves head and tail room for the blacker than black and whiter than white signals. If the program was mastered with video levels and then the Roku stretches it out (16 down to 0, and 235 up to 255), then anything above and below (the white and the black) get clipped.

  4. So, is the “Enable debug logging” item how you get the cool on-screen display of real-time bit-rates from the various channels?

    And, if so, I assume it’s just as easy to get back to the secret menu to disable the option?

    (I’m always curious about bit-rate info.)

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