Massive FiOS TV Interface Updates (Start Tonight)

IMG 1.9.7 is slated to hit the “legacy” Verizon FiOS set-top hardware (that pre-dates the VMS Quantum DVR) beginning tonight in Buffalo, NY and PA, with the rollout expected to take a month or so… according to a source and imagery posted to DSL Reports. And boy what a massive update it is, headlined by all new “flat” visuals. Some releases notes:

  • “Auto tune” selected SD to the HD counterpart
  • More box art for movies and now TV programs
  • New Flat look to utilize guide space more efficiently
  • Better colors for features and reading
  • Improved “Search” for better content discovery
  • “Rotten Tomatoes” not only for VOD but in the program info screen
  • “Cast & Crew” not only for VOD but in the program info screen
  • “Upcoming Shows” not only for movies but now TV programs/Series in the program info screen
  • Improved “time line indicator” line to visually see how far into a program is
  • DVR list is now sortable
  • DVR groups can be sorted and filtered
  • Season and Episode, example: S3, E12, included throughout guide and DVR
  • “Premier” and “Finale” are included throughout guide and DVR
  • Box art within the guide and DVR
  • Participating providers, example HBO, will have links to On Demand content within the guide
  • Improved layout within the guide to allow for more content/detail
  • FiOS TV button on the remote will bring up “My FiOS TV”. 4 to 8 carousels from content Vz is pushing to content specific to what you watch.
  • DVR programs recorded, now indicates total and watched
  • “Live” events will automatically prompt to “Extend” recording time when selected to record
  • Improved technology to minimize duplicate recordings
  • Better use of Gracenote/TMS for more data on screen and content discovery
  • Transparent look with Trick play menus and overall transparent look
  • DVR “Play all” is easier to get to.
  • Pseudo “Start over” functionality. When you tune a movie half way through and that movie is carried in OnDemand (free) you will be able to hit the play button and start over
  • Linking to VOD from channel logo (will slowly trickle in as more providers provide approvals)
  • Faster launch times for Guide, VOD, DVR on 7xxx boxes

5 thoughts on “Massive FiOS TV Interface Updates (Start Tonight)”

  1. Looks like the flat style is all the trend since Windows 8 and IOS 7.

    Either that or they are trying to save graphics memory with simple color palettes.

  2. Regarding the “Pseudo “Start over” functionality.” DirecTV has had this SAME feature for a while, and DirecTV subs do NOT like it. Aside from the switch from live digital broadcast from satellite stream to starting over On Demand stream via internet, one can not FF during the internet stream. It is a lot of crowing of a feature that sounds great, but in real-world use is just clumsy and irritating.

  3. This is last year I am with FIOS cable. I have been tolerating their price policies but expected acceptable service performance. This new confusing “flat look” with horrible lag on my both STBs after latest update is unacceptable. I done with this flat BS. thank you.

  4. Hate, Hate, Hate the new format on the screen. too much going on and very hard to focus.
    i vote to return to the original format.

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