Verizon FiOS 6-Tuner Quantum TV DVR & Extenders Arrive!


First unveiled at CES 2013, the Verizon Media Server (VMS) has finally started shipping under “Quantum TV” via a “phased roll-out” in select markets . The IPTV DVR hub maintains the original 6-tuners and 1 terabyte or storage as originally pitched. Yet, by bundling two units for a reasonable $32/mo, the networked solution seamlessly expands to 12 tuners housing 2 terabytes of recording storage. Unfortunately, unlike existing FiOS DVRs the new VMS doesn’t currently support additional USB or eSATA storage. Each VMS supports up to five extenders (think TiVo Mini or DISH Joey), running $10 a pop. While the product line doesn’t currently feature Xbox/Roku app clients or remote placeshifting, à la DISH Hopper or TiVo Roamio, we know Verizon has been evaluating this sort of functionality via a router sidecar … and Verizon’s hardware partner Arriola has licensed Slingbox technology.


21 thoughts on “Verizon FiOS 6-Tuner Quantum TV DVR & Extenders Arrive!”

  1. Had a brief exchange with Verizon this AM – sadly, it doesn’t sound like my DC Metro region will be one of the first. Still excited, tho – especially if they get the in-home streaming to iPad, Xbox, etc not too long after launch.

  2. But isn’t the problem with the Quantum aspect that you can’t tell where your DVR is located if you know how fast it’s moving?

  3. So many questions…
    Are they going to eventually add the esata capability?
    How much are they going to charge for in home streaming? Will it be per device it streams to?

    I am pretty excited for this, regardless. But what I really want is the ability to add tvs to places I don’t go in that often, and add a cheap one time cost solution so that when I am in there, I can watch what’s on the DVR without paying a monthly fee (think guest room, gym)

  4. It’s not $32 a month for the 12 tuner solution. Isn’t it $52 a month since it’s 2 rooms you add in $20 to the charge. From the DSL Reports thread you need to add in the per room pricing at $12 for one, $20 for two…

  5. Yeah, the pricing details aren’t clear. The FAQ doesn’t really spell out that service stacking and it looks like it should be $32/mo plus a one time $25 activation/upgrade fee. Obviously the folks who have it are in a better position to comment as the marketing materials aren’t ready for a nationwide roll-out, etc. I also asked Amber if I could see her email blast as Verizon’s PR rep had provided me perhaps contradictory information.

  6. It still sounds expensive paying that amount each month. Plus it’s storage is anemic. The 3TB drive in my Roamio Pro isn’t enough for six tuners. 2TB wouldn’t come close to cutting it for twelve tuners. But at least with TiVo I’m able to automatically offload some of my FiOS recordings to a PC running TiVo Desktop. Allowing me to use less of the 3TB drive in the Roamio Pro.

  7. Yes, that’s the premise of a “whole home” system like this.

    Regarding pricing compared to TiVo… TiVo usually comes out ahead after several years, assuming you have the cash to front. Many don’t and most clearly don’t know or care. It’s probably worth making a chart at some point (once we have a better handle on Verizon’s new VMS pricing).

  8. Tivo comes out ahead, except that every two years, they stop support for the system for the new model, and if it the hardware fails you’re SOL. At least you the provided boxes from Verizon, you’ll get upgrades and you can change out the hardware when better stuff comes. Not that Tivo doesn’t have other benefits, but Tivo is still not what I consider feature complete, since it can’t support on demand in most cases.

  9. I have had a DirecTV 3 DVR whole home Genie system with 9 active tuners and 2 terabytes of storage for well over 2 years (Feb 2012). So why is Verizon so late to offer a decent DVR to their customers? I’m a very heavy DVR user and have possibly used more than 5 – 6 tuners only during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Verizon’s twelve tuner system is just a marketing ploy trying to make their customers believe they will want 12 tuners. Is there no shame?

  10. I was real excited about all this stuff too, until I found that the client boxes will not support both an HDMI and component video signal simultaneously – – ha! good-by Sling Box, or, I guess get another client box for more $ per month. Does anyone know if the “main box” (6-tuner DVR) will support both signals simultaneously. The verizon answer is that they don’t know – – try it! I am think seriously about returning to my old 2 DVR box set up, or, I guess I could go out and spend $299 for the HMDI Sling Box 360. Bummer, the advertising showed such promise – – hopefully verizon will one day learn to think outside the (DVR) box – – aside from that, I guess they are just a phone company

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