FiOS TV To Revamp Tablet Streaming With Motorola's Help


By way of DSLReports comes news of the Verizon FiOS TV VAP2500. The Motorola box:

enables you to transmit multiple standard- and high-definition video streams throughout your home wirelessly. You can enjoy a full range of video services and applications without having to run wires, lay cables, or drill holes.

Further, documentation refers to the upcoming IPC1100 set-top we covered from CES, which is supposedly on track for an early fall launch.


We can’t say this comes as a total surprise as we were treated to a variety of Motorola technologies in the Arris booth while perusing the Cable Show. Two Motoarriola devices in particular represent the evolution of the Televation product line, along with additional whole-home streaming capabilities. And, unlike the TiVo Stream, Android could be supported out of the gate given the cable television content we observed being streamed to a Moto tablet running Skifta to handle secure DLNA duties.

(Thanks Chris!)

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  1. This particular device, as demoed at the show and assuming it’s the same or a variant, is a transitional device. Whereas a beefier home gateway directly incorporates tablet and thin client/extender streaming (which had Xfinity branding).

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