Waterproofing Your Gadgets

Dave Zatz —  March 24, 2014


The Digital Reader is out with a post covering yet another waterproofing coating. While I wouldn’t roll the dice with aftermarket “nano” coatings on devices not designed for immersion and I don’t trust Lifeproof after evaluating two cases, the broader hope is that major manufacturers would directly integrate water resistant technologies… as we’ve started to see from Samsung and Sony tablets and smartphones. Of course, an obvious use case would be taking your Kindle to the pool or tub. And protecting your device from minimal splashes and the occasional, accidental dunk may not require a significant investment of money or cutting edge technology… as both I and the Geek Tonic household have been using inexpensive Zip-loc sandwich bags to protect our “books” in moist environments for years. However, I will tell you that wiping away “screen” condensation (in that steamy shower) works way better with non-touchscreen Kindles since the plastic transfers touch pretty darn well.

3 responses to Waterproofing Your Gadgets

  1. Amazingly, my dead-tree versions of The New Yorker and The New York Review of Books work just fine in the bath with no zip-lock bags necessary.

    I attribute this to some type of futuristic waterproofing technology yet to make it to the Kindle.

  2. WaterFi’s waterproofing seems great. No worries about flaps that need to be sealed or anything is better for Joe Sixpack. With the GS5, it will finally be mainstream, too bad it requires more diligence on the end user to ensure the case is on securely and usb/power cover is on/secure before you accidentally drop it in water.

  3. Who needs 3rd party waterproofing when you can seemingly take your iPad SCUBA diving?