Major Roku iPhone & Android App Updates

Roku’s mobile apps see significant updates this week, featuring a flatter, more minimalistic appearance and the introduction of universal content search. Sound familiar? The handy universal search isn’t new to Roku, but it is new to the app – which is ultimately a more efficient location. And, beyond video availability, it also looks like we’ll be treated to metadata in the form of actor filmographies to explore. Of course, the compelling existing features of beaming photos to the big screen and direct channel launch remain. Yet we still pine for Miracast. The 3.0 iOS app update is available in iTunes for iPhone and iPad, with the refreshed Android app having hit Google Play.

5 thoughts on “Major Roku iPhone & Android App Updates”

  1. Some search caveats from the release notes:

    *Search is supported on US-based Roku players firmware 5.4 or later. Search is not supported on Roku 2450x or 2500x.

  2. firmware 5.4 or later.

    5.4 most becoming out any day now. The Broadcom Miracast hardware sounds really interesting. Maybe in the upcoming Roku 4. :)

    Looks like the SNL channel aka Yahoo! Screen is now on Roku.
    Yahoo Screen has exclusive streaming rights to all SNL archived clips, as well as current season skits, including all the hilarious digital shorts.

  3. “The handy universal search isn’t new to Roku, but it is new to the app – which is ultimately a more efficient location.”

    Most definitely. I’ve been eagerly waiting for this a long time. It’s a big deal.

  4. Yep, I was heading out of town for a night and (shame on me) assumed the iTunes description was correct without testing. I similarly had assumed we were on or would imminently be on version 5.4 of the software… but we’re actually still riding 5.3. That was the original marketing caveat – which has since replaced with:

    *Search within the Roku mobile app is only available on the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version) today and will be available on additional Roku players at a later date.

    Indeed, I have no little search icon in my app. The good news is that the Roku Streaming Stick availability should be available at any moment (though it hasn’t yet hit two Best Buys I visited in two states this week) and hopefully 5.4 is pushed to the rest of us in the next week or so.

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