Amazon Streamer To Feature Bluetooth Gaming Controller


By way of an overseas regulatory agency, similar to our very own FCC, we continue to hone in on the elusive Amazon media streamer. And it’s looking to be something far more substantial than a Roku or Chromecast competitor. As the story goes, an Amazon fall set-top box launch was delayed with the potential Apple TV competitor now looking quite likely for a March or April delivery. Netflix and Hulu appear to be confirmed, along does a forked Android build – similar to what Amazon has done with their line of Kindle Fire tablets. Which makes gaming out of the box quite likely.

The uncovered wireless Bluetooth controller features a gaggle of controls, including both shoulder buttons and triggers, in addition to media playback transport controls – ideal for the aforementioned streaming services in addition to Amazon Instant, of course. And we give Amazon credit for using Android-esque iconography for home, menu, and back. Additionally, the central radioactive-looking button presumably taps into Amazon’s GameCircle – perhaps to evolve beyond merely a gaming app hub and into something more full featured akin to Apple’s Game Center or Xbox Live. A LED array is used as an indicator for both battery levels and Bluetooth connectivity. Lastly, we expect the controller, powered by a pair of double As, would be sold as an accessory and ultimately also designed to work with Amazon’s line of tablets to close the circle. Won’t be long now…

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  1. Two more points… 1) there’s an light array indicator for battery level and Bluetooth connectivity and 2) it wouldn’t surprise me if this thing had a gyroscope or accelerometer inside – but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

  2. It looks like it is trying to be a Roku; an Xbox and a AppleTV. I own all three of those streamers and I like all of them, but the Roku 3 is my favorite right now. Amazon will need to at least come close to either of them to get be a significant player, at this late stage of the overcrowded media streamer market.

  3. Makes you appreciate the hard work that game companies put into designing their controllers. This thing looks… awful.

  4. You know, if it is android, you will be able to stream cablecard HDTV using the HD Homerun app. That could make it interesting. They just need to fix the UI.

    The one thing I do not like about my Roku is the overall UI. Maybe a streaming box based on android could provide a better experience.

    Maybe one day Steam will stream to android as well. That would be a “one” box.

  5. If amazon’s STB runs android on a fast CPU like a bay trail atom or tegra4 and is priced right, it could be a very attractive HTPC alternative.

    It will never be an attractive gaming console alternative. Ouya and Shield proved that.

    Pricing matters, though. You can buy a full-fledged celeron haswell _computer_ now, the asus chromebox, for $170, and it’s trivial to install linux on it. So these black box STBs really need to come in at or under $99.

  6. In talking with some of my blogger buddies, some wonder if there may be two devices at play – a Roku/Chromecast thing and a more substantial gaming thing. Hm. Fun stuff!

  7. “No media box is going to replace an htpc unless it supports a VPN.”

    Of course, no media box is ever going to internally support a VPN. But if that’s a deal-breaker for you for whatever reason, you do know you can get an ultra-cheap DD-WRT commodity router and VPN your entire LAN, (or a subsection of your LAN), including the media box, right?

    (Of course, running a VPN means you’ll be flagged by the NSA, classified by them as a ‘non-US-person’, and subject to all your content being analyzed by the NSA without need for a warrant.)

  8. Looks fine to me. There must be SOMETHING stuffed in there. Btw, kids. You’re THROWING your youths away playing games. And adults: One day youre going to die, and youre going to wish Nintendo hadn’t stolen your precious TIME. It’s not too late to stop.

  9. Yuck. While the return of real sticks is nice, I really liked the concave design of the old one. I guess we can’t have the best no matter what eh?

  10. Man, all of you are clearly not gamers; but spectators. Judging anything by its cover, well you know the rest. Anyway, the controller does not make or break a system. The GAMES DO!!!!!!!

  11. From the first glance it looks almost like an OnLive controller. After a better look, it looks like an OnLive controller’s red headed step brother!

  12. WTF?!?! Why would I want a gaming controller to control a video streamer? I certainly don’t plan on playing any games on it. I hope they sell a version without the controller.

  13. It seems like they are trying to be like the MOJO. MOJO does all these things already plus Madcatz makes great controllers and headsets which are already proven. I don’t get it.

  14. aaronwt, I cannot confirm nor deny TechCrunch’s report that at least one of Amazon’s streamer will have a Chromecast form factor. However, I do have intel that indicates a/the streamer will have a more traditional Bluetooth remote.

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