D-Link WiFi Extender Features Apple AirPlay Streaming

Dave Zatz —  February 7, 2014


By way of the FCC, we learn that D-Link intends to build upon their diminutive WiFi extender (DAP-1320)… with newfound home audio capabilities housed within the upcoming DCH-M225 WiFi Audio Extender. In addition to expanding one’s wireless network to perhaps the far reaches of your home, the 81 gram plug-with-benefits also incorporates an audio-out jack – similar to Apple’s Airport Express. And, while we can’t say with any certainly that D-link has licensed AirPlay, the pre-release manual suggests the Audio Extender will indeed relay AirPlay tunes from Mac or iOS device to whatever speaker you may have wired up. Just as interesting is the far more agnostic, baked-in DLNA streaming functionality. Of course, as we opined earlier today, we’re big Sonos fans and prefer our speaker and streaming hardware are one and the same.


One response to D-Link WiFi Extender Features Apple AirPlay Streaming

  1. I am looking for exactly what this device does. does anyone happen to know any other devices out there that receive music from a phone through wifi? i am looking to stream to my stereo.