Beep To Discover What Sonos Knows

Dave Zatz —  February 7, 2014


Beep is latest entrant in whole-home audio. But, unlike Sonos‘ key products, their music streaming technology isn’t currently embedded within a speaker enclosure. And we suspect the potential market of people looking to network traditional speakers is rather modest. The $99 Beep appendage is sharp looking blinky, clicky dial … that’ll ratchet up your clutter in the form of dual power and audio cables. But unlike a standalone Bluetooth speaker, Beep quite cleverly implements the DIAL protocol, like Chromecast, to turn your iOS or Android device into merely a remote control – versus a music source, with Pandora streaming directly from the cloud to the Beep. On the flip side, unlike Sonos, Beep is content to use your existing wireless network rather than requiring a dedicated network hub (at additional expense). While Beep is taking pre-orders now (in copper or grey), for an anticipated Fall launch, we suggest those interested wait until they line up a few more streaming partners. Or just take the Sonos leap.

3 responses to Beep To Discover What Sonos Knows

  1. I believe last year Sonos mentioned a featured called “Play to Sonos”, which would be similar to DIAL. Would love to be able to use my iPhone and apps to stream directly to Sonos, outside of using their app.

  2. It’s a nice supplement I suppose, but I really dig the Sonos timers and alarms. :)

  3. Sonos is a great system overall. If only my television could output dolby digital or dts through it’s optical output, I would invest a Playbar and cobble together a nice little wireless home theater system with some Play1s.