TiVo-Powered RCN2GO Video Portal Launches


Lo and behold, the TiVo-powered RCN2Go video portal appears to have soft launched for RCN cable customers. While details remain sparse, RCN TiVo subscribers now have access to an “exclusive preview” that features “hundreds of shows” — and, ultimately, all RCN subscribers will receive access at a later date, albeit without TiVo-specific DVR management capabilities. Unlike many mobile offerings, RCN2GO is not limited to one’s home network and you can conceivably “watch anywhere” … assuming you have a laptop or computer available as this feature set isn’t (yet?) integrated into TiVo’s mobile apps. For more details on TiVo’s TV Everywhere offering (to cable providers) and an exclusive video sneak peek of the portal in action, head on over to our earlier coverage.

3 thoughts on “TiVo-Powered RCN2GO Video Portal Launches”

  1. Looking like the first rev is more on demand stuff… but I could see TiVo recordings and even live TV making an appearance at some point. But that might be when the home network restrictions kick in. As it, it’s a great product for these mid tier cable operators that don’t have the staff to develop these solutions and a win for their customers (free!).

  2. Your right it is a great solution for smaller to mid size MSO’s who don’t have the staff, talent or time to develop their own solution. I’m surprised I don’t see more smaller operators sign up for this. I wonder what TiVo is charging the MSO for this that is making it cost prohibitive to some of the smaller guys?

    I did see that Blue Ridge Communications in PA signed up with TiVo to start deployments in Q1 2014.

  3. Just a guess but I think the issue and challenge for the smaller cable operators is negotiating the TV Everywhere rights versus the technology. It appears that organizations like the NTCA, association representing 900 independent telecommunications companies, can negotiate some of this for its members, but RCN may not be a member. If I recall correctly, Atlantic Broadband has already announced plans for a TiVo-Powered Video Portal as well so I think we’ll see this sort of solution proliferate to most of TiVo’s mid-size operators including Grande, Suddenlink. Mediacom, Midcontinent, etc.

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