Roku Channels Redbox Instant

Dave Zatz —  August 5, 2013


While Verizon’s Redbox Instant reps were a bit cagey at CES as to when, or if, we might see a Roku client for their burgeoning streaming service, the channel has just launched. And, based on the image above, it looks to have been in final testing the last month. As a refresher, Redbox Instant is something of a hybrid service providing both physical discs and online movies, with many included via the monthly fee and others available via pay per view. In talking with the Redbox Instant folks, the service isn’t geared towards the sort of early adopter who frequents ZNF and their initial target audience is folks new to online streaming – exposing those currently familiar with the DVD/Blu-ray kiosks to an economical way to expand their video options.

6 responses to Roku Channels Redbox Instant

  1. Speaking of Verizon and Roku… what I wouldn’t give for a FiOS TV Roku app. My coax-free kitchen nook area has a TV and limited OTA channels. A $50 Roku would be the perfect accompaniment.

  2. Yeah, what happened to the Verizon FiOS apps idea? They have iPad and Xbox appsbbut not much else.

    Redbox: worth looking at? Methinks having Netflix, HBO GO and already paying for FIOS TV is more than enough.

  3. I have the roku HD box still no new guide or redbox on it! how would you gus feel if roku came out with a roku 4 box with nfl sunday ticket,and you couldnt get it on your roku3 ,Thats kinda how i feel roku adds new stuff but wont put it on my roku HD box!, I’m about ready to throw it in the trash! I am so frustrated with roku. I guess i can only hope rebox comes to my tivo someday.

  4. I’ve noticed some other channels, like VEVO, work on our Roku 2 XS but not the older XD or HD. I’ve assumed it has to do with the hardware or codec or DRM support or something and not necessarily Roku’s fault but rather the fault of the app maker not supporting the older hardware. Just a guess though. It is annoying.

  5. Dave,

    But what good is an app that just streams live TV? The Roku app would have to be able to stream recordings for it to be useful.

  6. In the kitchen, we’d be fine with live TV like CNN, Food Network, or HGTV – mostly background noise, but more interesting and less depressing than the local news. Also, given Verizon’s incoming VAP2500 I assume one day it would be live and recorded content… :)