More Unannounced Logitech Goodies

Dave Zatz —  October 5, 2012

Thanks to our pal Khaled, we’re back with several unannounced Logitech goodies on tap this fall. While they’re probably not as unique as the WiFi webcam broadcaster, solid computing accessories are a necessity. And I’ve long been a proponent of Logitech’s keyboard and mouse solutions.

Touch Mouse (T620)
The Touch Mice are slated to arrive in both black and white and will retail for $69 according to B&H Photo. While there’s no description, one can assume that the touch mouse is, er, a touch mouse – and the logical successor to the M600. It’s my understanding this may be a PC model, whereas the Mac model will go by T631.

Zone Mouse (T400)
Unlike the Touch Mouse that is presumably covered by a responsive surface, the Logitech Zone Mouse  looks to have a very specific touch sensitive zone. And while I generally appreciate shiny things, I much prefer the T400’s black matte styling over the T620. MacMall has this one at $62.

Rechargeable Touchpad (T651)
The Bluetooth touchpad above looks to replicate what Apple offers. But as opposed to replacing those Duracels every few months, Logitech integrated rechargeable battery. Not to mention this is cross platform. MacMall has it listed for $94, but we’ve seen it as high as $110… and assume it’ll land somewhere in the middle upon release.

11 responses to More Unannounced Logitech Goodies

  1. these been on retailers sites for some time, first time to see zone mouse and T631

  2. I wonder what logitech new hometheater speakers will look like, the new 553 just put on Logitech site looks from outer space also what about windows 8 tablets

  3. Do you think this is a refreshed Touch Mouse, or just a renumbering? Any idea where we can find pics of the T631? Hm, thanks!

    The Z553 speakers do look sharp and aggressive, but they are probably suitable for use with a computer or with a den-based gaming system rather than a home theater given its power (which might be OK, as pricing seems aligned with the specs).

  4. no, but I believe the Apple related could be announced after next Apple event before Windows 8, maybe also an Airplay direct wifi speakers

    hypothetically mini ipad, New Mac and the real ipad 3? maybe with direct Wifi communication,device2device first to predict like intel WiDi

  5. at best buy another unannounced

    “New! Logitech – Tablet Keyboard for Windows 8 and RT and Android 3.0+ Tablets – Black
    Model: 920-004569
    SKU: 6541967 “

  6. That one is < ahref=" ">public on Logitech’s site. Looks like the Android tablet keyboard updated to also serve Windows 8.

    By the by, I had the iPad version of that keyboard (and later gave it to my mom) – it provides a good balance of size, function, and feel fitting pretty well in my iPad satchel. Although I dumped the bundled sleeve/stand which added bulk and wasn’t very useful.

  7. Sorry, but I need a “bigger” mouse than any of these things. Guess I won’t be part of the ‘touch revolution’. Happy enough with my Logitech Wave Pro for now anyway.

    You’d think if Logitech is going to make a trackpad like that they’d do a matching keyboard as well to go with it no? Something that looks good on the desk and maybe even snaps together for those that want that?

  8. Wish Logitech built in a wireless remote for their speakers. They always show pictures of the speakers being used as a home theater replacement…the problem though is that you would need to get up and adjust the volume each time!

  9. I guess I should clarify that I would like them to add wireless remotes to their 2.0 and 2.1 systems. Looks like the top of the line 5.1 system has a remote.

  10. Logitech’s PR firm has reached out now that the news is official. The only real notable additions are that these products are optimized for Windows 8 and the Touch Mouse won’t be coming to the US in white. Still liking the Zone Mouse, although I’m not sold on Windows 8…

    T400 combines the functionality of a traditional mouse with a touch strip that supports horizontal and vertical scrolling with the touch of your finger. If you click the top of the touch zone you’ll instantly access the new Windows 8 Start Screen, while clicking the bottom of the touch zone will quickly move you through all your open applications. It’s perfect for anyone just starting out with Windows 8.