Logitech To Intro Wireless Mac Webcam


It’s been some time since Logitech has produced dedicated Mac video conferencing solutions. While several recent cameras actually work on Mac OS X, it happens via universal driver and they don’t leverage any of the Logitech value add… which I discovered the hard way when trying to repurpose the Google TV Revue camera. However, based on this unannounced Logitech Wireless Webcam For Mac ($180) spotted at B&H Photo, Logitech’s ready to take on the Mountain Lion. Of course, as most Macs incorporate a decent Facetime camera, Logitech’s offering should up the ante — so one would assume both higher quality video and video. Not to mention what looks like a rechargeable battery and wireless capabilities along with some sort of status indicator. Hm! As Engadget’s Richard Lawler said, “’tis the season” for interesting product leaks…

(Thanks Khaled!)

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  1. This actually interests me. I dock my macbook at my desk quite often, and it leaves the webcam in an awkward place. This at least makes Skype more useful while docked. Now, at $180, not so much.

  2. Good call, Khaled. So now I’m thinking the cloud icon is NOT a weather status update, but broadcasting or recording video to the cloud. Hmmm! I went ahead and posted one of the Mac OS X WiFi webcam software UI shots as well.

    And here’s the Engadget FCC WiFi Webcam Broadcaster coverage from June:

    Given this, wonder if it’s designed to simply do what Chris has in mind? A wireless webcam… with cloud-based Ustream-esque benefits?

  3. i think it will work also with next Gen ipad? as there was a link on a creative designer site and pulled out, showing the Broadcaster wireless directly to a tablet to create, collaborate & stream.

    i think we may see this in next ipad mini? maybe with direct Airplay, device2device HD Video

  4. Thanks to Ganesh, we now have real product photos. He tells me it doesn’t appear Mac specific, but he’s awaiting software/drivers. Based on the imagery, that cloud thing isn’t a status window but a fixed icon… that is either unlit or lit, presumably when broadcasting.

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