Roku Firmware 4.6 Starts Rolling Out (for French Canadians)

Dave Zatz —  April 16, 2012


Roku just announced Roku 2 XD and XS streamers are headed to Canada. Online pre-orders start today and retail availability is expected by the end of the month. The 1080p XD runs $89.99 CAD, while the Roku 2 XS, with Wii-esque gaming remote and external USB drive support, clocks in at $109.99 CAD. Of course, plenty of “channels” are available including Netflix… but YouTube remains M.I.A.

In order to fully support Canada, Roku has implemented French language UI translations — Hence, the limited rollout of firmware version 4.6 to Roku 2 devices. I assume we’ll see widespread deployment within the next week or so, along with the requisite bug fixes and software improvements.

3 responses to Roku Firmware 4.6 Starts Rolling Out (for French Canadians)

  1. If you want to quicken rollout of the firmware to your box, just bring your Roku into a Walmart, and they’ll do it for you in-store.

  2. It was as brutal as you’d imagine… If they work out the kinks and UltraViolet doesn’t fold, it’ll be pretty cool. Wonder if Best Buy will try similar disc-to-digital under their CinemaNow brand?

  3. I hope this gets them one but closer to a launch in France.