Logitech Preps Solar iPad Keyboard Case


Hot on the heels of Logitech’s Ultrathin iPad Keyboard ($99), the prolific accessory maker is set to release yet another iPad keyboard. The upcoming model ($129) retains Bluetooth capabilities, for wireless iPad interaction, but is integrated directly into a tablet folio case… that incorporate solar cells. Unfortunately, it looks as if the sun will only charge the keyboard — versus also powering the iPad itself. But it’s a potentially effective use of space if it doesn’t add too much weight or bulk. As previously mentioned, I prefer the flexibility of an independent wireless keyboard. But this looks to be a fairly sleek solution, that props up your new iPad 3 in two positions (one of which covers the keyboard), while harnessing a little bit of green tech.

8 thoughts on “Logitech Preps Solar iPad Keyboard Case”

  1. Unnecessary gimmick. These keyboards already last months on a single charge. Now if it could charge the ipad, that would be another matter entirely.

  2. But… if you want your Bluetooth keyboard IN a case and solar doesn’t add too much to the cost or weight, why not? For comparison, the Ultrathin loaner I have is rated for 6 months at 2 hours of use a day — which I agree is already quite competent.

    Still looking for a simple and competent case for my wife’s new iPad and am open to suggests. It should double as a stand and she won’t be using a keyboard.

  3. I don’t know if I’d classify an additional 30% as “not much”. These cases are ridiculously expensive. I bought a refurb amazon fire for $140 a couple weeks ago. The entire tablet cost slightly more than that case. Obviously the ipad is a markedly superior device, but this is just a case.

    Get your wife the apple non-pleather smart case and a sleeve that fits in her purse.

  4. Well, I wasn’t taking that 30% surcharge at face value. Logitech isn’t Apple and the prices will slide downwards. But speaking of price, I have a hard time ponying up for Apple’s smart cover. It irks me. For the same money, I’d rather buy her a case/stand combo – which she’d find more practical.

  5. Aside from solar-powered calculators I haven’t seen a lot of other devices where it made a lot of sense. The one device I’ve always thought should be solar is those bluetooth speaker things you clip to your visor in the car. Just flip the visor down and it would stay charged as long as you left the car outside some of the time. So of course that’s one device nobody offers in solar…

    Agree with others–these cases/keyboard things are already verging on ridiculous esp. given that most of us will buy one of them unsure if we’ll really use it. I’d probably stick to a non-solar cheaper version.

  6. Shrug, was just saying what I would do. The smart cover is very minimal and works fine as a stand. The rear is metal, so it won’t break, although it could scratch, thus the sleeve for her purse.

  7. one stand position for keyboard while other position is genius as for touchscreen angel while on desk, on your lap or bed

  8. What I like about it is that it looks more “finished” than most keyboard cases, including those sculpted notches for angled viewing. But I’m worried about extra bulk. Not sure on timing – I found the FCC report which requests confidentiality until August. Hm. Any ideas when it might hit?

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