Logitech Ultrathin iPad Keyboard Review


After a week with the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover ($100), I can say it’s my new favorite iPad accessory. While it may not provide the same typing angle, key spacing or travel of a more traditional Bluetooth keyboard, Logitech makes up for it via sleek and clever portability. And, really, the typing feels good. Basically, the rechargeable Ultrathin makes good use of the iPad 2 and iPad 3’s integrated magnets — both for securing the keyboard as a screen cover when not in use and for additional stability when an iPad is docked into the keyboard. Check out Logitech’s promotional video to get a sense of how it comes apart and assembles. It’s a bit clumsy to unpack, but is quite secure and stable with the iPad in landscape orientation (unlike, say, the top-heavy ASUS Transformer Prime). Despite the (minimal) fumbling, I prefer this over integrated cases because the Apple tablet is not permanently affixed to a keyboard, providing a more flexible solution. However, both the Ultrathin and iPad rear will be exposed to scuffs… as you can see below. So you might end up investing in a padded sleeve and rubber feet.

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  1. Some other notes – Logitech claims battery life of six months (!) assuming two hours of typing a day (and assuming you remember to slide the power switch off when done). Charging is handled via microUSB and bluetooth pairing is as simple as expected, nothing really to report there.

    I really, really like this but recognize it’s not the right choice for everyone given the caveats above. For example, my mom and wife need a more protective case with multiple viewing angles. And while my mom does need a keyboard, I suspect Melissa won’t very often given how they use their iPads. The white iPad 3 above is my wife’s – we’ll probably be picking up a 32GB black model for me shortly (and unloading my 13″ MBA) along with this model keyboard… which should look even slicker with a black iPad.

    For those seeking a full sized, yet compact, Bluetooth keyboard to use in conjunction with an existing case, this Amazon Basics model is a solid option at a good price.

  2. Thanks for the review Dave. I’ve been following reviews of this pretty closely. It appears to be very nice.

    The only things that concern me are that a) you can’t fold the keyboard behind the screen so if you want to use the iPad normally you have to disconnect the keyboard; and b) when you want to set the iPad up to use you must again disengage the magnets to shift the iPad into its slot. The second one seems like it might be a problem depending on how much trouble it is. What did you think?

    The Brydge Kickstarter product seems very interesting but you might want to read some of the comments about their previous Kickstarter project–the Oona. Seems like it looked like a great idea but didn’t perform that well, and the communication from the team was pretty poor. Bad enough that I walked away from funding them.

  3. Oh, btw… those “iDroplets” you linked to? Seriously, just go to your local hardware store and look for the little silicon bumpers that keep your kitchen cupboard doors from banging shut. They’ll sell you a whole mess of them for a few bucks. Look virtually identical to my eyes.

  4. Glenn, yeah I’ve been contemplating a post pointing out the risks with Kickstarter. Should probably hop on that.

    Regarding the magnets, there’s enough attraction to stabilize things but it’s super easy to disengage. If you want to hold the iPad, just remove the “cover” and put it to the side. No biggie.

    As far as the droplets, I agree they’re probably just buying sheets of these things and selling your 4 with a large profit margin, but I thought it was cute. Here’s something truly iPad-centric, tho: http://www.bluelounge.com/products/kicks/

  5. “Glenn, yeah I’ve been contemplating a post pointing out the risks with Kickstarter. Should probably hop on that.”

    If I were your assignment editor, I’d suggest as well:

    – The major Hulu move.
    – Can Ceton Rejuvenate WMC.

    Topical, and of interest to readers and commenters.

  6. We’re going to need some like-minded contributors step up, as Mari and I don’t have time to cover it all. Hm. :/

    Regarding replacing the Macbook Air with an iPad, the jury is still out – I can’t photo edit, multitask, or blog as efficiently as I’d like. BUT I’m also blogging less while mobile these days. So it’s probably more about my lifestyle than the tech itself.

  7. You can’t photo edit as efficiently on the iPad? Dude, have you seen the toolbar on iPhoto? Its so cool. And that demo they did at launch looked so amazing. I can’t figure out any of it beyond some very basic stuff but hey, I’m sure one of these days I’ll learn how to make heads or tails of the damn thing.

  8. I can’t photo edit effectively or efficiently in terms of my blog workflow. I’m sure I could touch up and crop photos for basic stuff, but can’t quickly churn out one of of my iStockPhoto or Skitch mashups.

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