YouTube on Roku. Via Facebook.

While most of the competition offers YouTube on the big screen, Roku remains a notable holdout. At one point, we did enjoy an unofficial “private” channel… which Google had shut down (to new users). And while there was a glimmer of hope last fall that an authentic YouTube channel was headed our way, it’s yet to materialize.

We have no way of knowing if this is related to an unwillingness by Roku to license YouTube, technical issues, or something else. But we do have a workaround: YouTube video links that are dropped into your News Feed or Timeline can be accessed via the official Facebook Channel on Roku. It may not be pretty, and lacks the discovery element, but it’s fairly effective. And if you’re not interested in spamming your friends, simply set the video status updates to private.

Check out the video above to see the process in action.

6 thoughts on “YouTube on Roku. Via Facebook.”

  1. I’ve got all sorts of methods… that I don’t like disclosing publicly. ;) One of my favorites was Windows Movie Maker on XP when it recorded analog video input. But that method died with Windows Vista. I’ll drop you an email.

  2. Oh wow. So this whole time I have used YouTube on my roku xds, it has been unofficially? I thought about getting another roku since the your tube app is great for playlists. Other YouTube apps on my log TV and pop box stink because the lack of playlist support. I guess I won’t be getting another roku.

  3. bunklung, if you log into a new Roku with the same account. it’ll pull down all your existing channels – including YouTube. Roku does have the power to blow YouTube away as far as I know, but for whatever reason hasn’t. Perhaps it’ll stay that way, but there’s no guarantee…

  4. Well, I think I did everything right, but my new Roku XS2 won’t retrieve my youtube videos on my facebook page. They’re listed under ‘whats on your mind’. If I try to enter them under photo-video, it just goes to youtube and runs it there.

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