Wanna Watch YouTube on Roku Today?

Are the more obscure content offerings not doing it for you on your Roku? If so, perhaps the limitless video (of varying quality) found on YouTube makes for a better channel. I first caught wind of YouTube on Roku over a year ago. But it then seemed that Google changed their YouTube API and/or licensing terms. Followed by nothing. Until today…

Buried on Roku’s Facebook wall was the key to a “private” Roku YouTube channel. I’m not sure if this is a beta channel being produced by Roku (it’s titled “beta”) or a community-developed solution. Regardless, adding the new-to-me channel is trivial and the result works pretty well. (Other than an occasional loss of audio that seems to require a reboot. It’s a beta!)

How to add YouTube to Roku today:

  • On your computer, visit https://owner.roku.com/Account/ChannelCode/
  • Log into your Roku account
  • Enter code B8VVK
  • On your Roku, enter and exit the Channel Store to refresh your dashboard apps
  • Determine if the iPhone 4 will blend

16 thoughts on “Wanna Watch YouTube on Roku Today?”

  1. A few more notes and precautions… Because I don’t yet know who created this app, I didn’t log into my YouTube account. Also, the Search page was pre-loaded with Hurt Locker. Not sure if there’s a cloud capture of recent searches or if that listing is just a cue how to use the search history. Regarding the Google/YouTube licensing and API, there were a few providers last year that lost support, but I can’t recall who at the moment. Lastly, the audio buzzing (and lower res video) during the blend video is a direct result of the capture mechanism I used today and not reflective of the Roku.

    One more thing… it’s possible this app will be pulled or hidden if it spreads too far and wide. So I’d add it sooner, rather than later, and hope for the best.

  2. Dave, the YouTube private channel has been available since April. You need to keep better tabs on the Roku forums, my friend. :-p Just kidding, just kidding.

    nowhereman has made several great channels for the Roku DVP; some published to the channel store and some private. You can see them all, including the codes for the private channels, at his website which Steven posted above. nowhereman is really on top of his game, and can pump out a Roku channel in short order.

    I’m a huge fan of the USTREAM channel he created, just so I can watch the TWiT live stream. Which is funny, since he actually beat Leo Laporte and gang to the punch, as apparently the TWiT live stream is slated to be an addition to the official TWit/Mediafly branded Roku channel in the near future.

  3. Yeah, there’s only so many forums I can keep up with. So maybe my readers need to do a better job sending me tips… ;) I added his Informagator channel last night – awesome work. I’ll profile him and his channels, hopefully in the near future.

  4. I think profiling nowhereman and the great work he’s done for the Roku DVP would make a great article. Can’t wait to read it.

  5. Even more Interesting News on Nowhereman:
    Roku Hired Him!
    They liked his work so much they hired him and he’s now one of the Guys Making the Official USB Channel coming out this Month. The USB Channel is based Off of his Private Channel He made a little while ago.

  6. My Roku YouTube channel search screen was pre-loaded with two terms: Legion and Hung.

    Yikes. I’m guessing it’s a pitch for the movie and the series.

  7. I did this to my friends and it worked fine. But on mine when I enter my user name, it won’t sync with my youtube account and show my favorites, etc.

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