Microsoft Sues TiVo (Again)

Generally speaking, patent litigation bores us. However, we offer up this (abbreviated) story in the name of completeness.

Given TiVo’s success in extracting $100 million from Echostar/DISH, they set their patent infringement sights on AT&T and Verizon. As AT&T U-Verse television service is powered by Microsoft’s MediaroomMS joined the fray and sued TiVo. Apparently, Softie’s initial claims of infringement didn’t generate quite the leverage they were looking for… So they’ve doubled down with an additional complaint seeking:

an order excluding TiVo’s infringing set-top boxes and associated software and hardware from entry into the United States and a cease and desist order

However, despite Microsoft’s strong language, they’re:

open to resolving this situation through an intellectual property licensing agreement, and we look forward to continued negotiations with TiVo

And, now, back to your regularly scheduled gadget coverage…

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Sues TiVo (Again)”

  1. Tivo has yet to see a dime of that money from Echostar. Lawyers are still grinding (and consuming real money themselves).

    Microsoft has deep legal pockets, and may be just wearing down Tivo with legal expenses to the point that thet can be acquired. We’ll see if Tivo stays independent.

    LOL. What if Echostar sues Microsoft? That way the money would just go in a circle, less the 50% lawyer rake.

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