First Glimpse of the Virgin Media UK TiVo

While we knew several technical details (HD, 3D, 1TB, etc) of the Virgin Media TiVo headed to the UK later this year (tick tock), but now we see (some) hardware imagery beyond my Phoshopped mockup. And, as expected, the partners have ported the TiVo experience onto non-TiVo hardware yet it will ship with the iconic TiVo peanut remote. Given the OCAP buttons, it’s probably a Premiere variant. Although the TiVo button/logo appears to have been replaced by something… perhaps Virgin’s infinity symbol? (via Pocket-lint)

3 thoughts on “First Glimpse of the Virgin Media UK TiVo”

  1. I was looking at that yesterday (Here’s the image URL: ) – they’ve made a number of changes. Note there is a ‘Stop’ button where ‘Slow’ normally is, and Slow is now where the slider used to be – blank on the Premier.

    There’s also a button that says ‘My Shows’ or maybe ‘My Faves’ where the ‘Mute’ button normally is (above Record), and it looks like “Mute’ moved to the lower of the 4 (now 4, not 3) buttons to the left of the 5-way.

    It looks like the left four are power, input, aspect/window, and mute. The right four are (Live) TV, Info, and I just can’t make out the other two.

    The ‘Enter’ button on the bottom also looks like it has a new name. And there is a new label under the replay button.

  2. Thanks for that thorough analysis, MZ. Maybe you should start a blog! ;) Seriously, dude – get back to it. We miss you.

    I had about 10 or 15 minutes to get the post up (from the cafe, without my remotes) before heading to work. And obviously missed several differences. When I get home tonight, I’ll take another look and maybe highlight the changes you’ve identified in an image.

  3. Someday maybe I’ll get the blog going again…

    I bet one of the upper right buttons is for the on demand content, there is almost always one for that when it is offered.

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