Virgin Reveals Some UK TiVo Details


Revealed about a year ago, Virgin Media indicated they’d bring the TiVo experience (back) to the UK in 2010. And while the game clock is winding down, Virgin has reiterated that the new product will indeed arrive this year. Along with a few other details:

“Virgin Media and TiVo have developed a unique converged television and interactive service bringing UK consumers the best in TV entertainment, be it broadcast, on demand or online.”

  • New HD/3D set top box will offer 1TB of personal storage
  • Thousands of hours of TV on Demand instantly available
  • Dedicated internal modem to bring internet services and apps direct to TV

Unfortunately this is really just another pre-announcement, perhaps intended to fend off competitor holiday sales, as “Further details of pricing and availability will be announced in due course.”

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  1. Another site I saw referenced over at TiVo Community also said it had 3 tuners. Now whether this is correct who knows, but it looks like the rest of it they got right since it was before the Virgin Media press release on 11/3.

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