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FiOS Flex View and the Xfinity TV App
Mark it down. November 2010 is the month TV went mobile. Forget earlier efforts, or the fact that there is still massive room for growth and improvement. This month two major providers, Verizon and Comcast, have announced new applications designed to take their TV offerings to the small screen.

Cable Set-Tops Getting Internet Capabilities?
Although it seems like a natural progression for cable set-tops to start integrating Internet-based content, there have been few indicators of actual activity in that area until recently. Now, several signs seem to point the way toward cable set-top convergence.

Snapshot of Cable IPTV Activities
Cable’s migration to IPTV is a subject matter that’s going to be at the top of the industry’s agenda for several years to come. Here’s a snapshot what operators are doing today in the IPTV space.

Big Pay TV Issues Front and Center
Three news stories making the rounds point to fundamental debates going on now in the pay-TV industry. These aren’t minor issues. They’re big, public, business-model-changing negotiations.