No Official Sonos Android Controller in 2010 :(

Well that’s a bummer. Sonos responded in the negative to a Twitter inquiry regarding the possibility of an Android controller. Perhaps next year. In the interim, the partially functional and community developed Andronos will have to suffice.

In other Sonos news, the Geek Tonic household increased their S5 count by two and had everything installed in under 20 minutes. There’s a reason (actually, there’s many) that Sonos is the best whole-home audio solution.

Lastly, I requested two of the Sonos branded Incipio 3G/3GS iPhone cases that they’ve been giving away. One for me, one for you. In addition to the nicely screened logo, the case features a removable bottom (for docking and whatnot) along with a screen protector and cleaning cloth. Score!

If you’d like the second case, simply leave a comment. (US residents in the lower 48 only, please.) I’ll choose the winner at random in a few days.

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