The Unofficial Android Sonos Controller

Since receiving a Samsung Galaxy S review unit, with remarkable super AMOLED display, I’ve been loading up on all sorts of Android apps. Of course, Slacker, Twitter, and SlingPlayer were some obvious first stops. But I suspect there’s a number of folks who don’t realize there’s an unofficial Sonos controller app floating around out there.

As a refresher, Sonos is a top notch whole home audio streaming solution and their S5 connected speaker system was one of my boxes of the year for 2009. Playback is handled via a dedicated Sonos controller or iPhone app. While Sonos has committed to delivering an iPad app later this year, we haven’t yet heard anything specific regarding Android support. So the community-developed Andronos Android Sonos client does a reasonable job filling that void.

Adronos is modeled after the official iPhone app, but contains a subset of features – the most obvious omissions are select music services. However, if something like Pandora has already been kicked off, Adronos will display album art and allows you advance tracks (as seen in these pics). And, as far as I can tell, in all playback scenarios volume can be adjusted and music can be paused. Which is more than good enough in a pinch.

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  1. The Galaxy S I have is the international edition, not the carrier specific models that will be offered here in the US. It’s a bit too soon to pass judgement, but I will say iOS is still more polished than Android and there are more high quality iOS apps available.

    If you have decent AT&T coverage where you live and work, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone 4 as long as you don’t drop it and hold it right. But on other carriers, the Galaxy S variants should be a very solid choice if you want a high-end Android device with exceptional screen. The Sprint version has the benefit of a QWERTY keyboard and 4G if you need those features. Samsung’s TouchWiz skinning doesn’t do as much for me as HTC’s Sense UI so that could also be a consideration for some.

  2. Thanks.

    I do have okay AT&T coverage here in Southwestern CT (not great inside the house, but I don’t need it there). I have been a happy AT&T customer (other than pricing) for several years. I won’t do business with Verizon for many reasons. Sprint and T-Mobile coverage in this part of the world are spotty.

    I am pretty certain I want more control over my smartphone’s OS than Apple will cede. I was wondering this morning, “How long should I wait to jailbreak the iPhone 4?”

    I really wanted an Android phone but AT&T’s choices heretofore have been mediocre or poor. The Galaxy S seems enticing. I think it becomes available at AT&T on July 15. Hence, my question.

    I was in an AT&T store last week and handled the iPhone 4. It felt a bit too sharp in my hands compared to my aging BlackBerry Curve. The screen was nice. I hear the camera is wonderful but I don’t take many pictures, especially with my cell phone. I don’t make or receive many calls on my cell phone. I use my cellphone a lot for text and email. Surfing the web on my Edge-only BB Curve is painful so I limit that use for now. I will do more once I get a bigger screen and 3G.

    I figure the better apps from Apple App Store and Android App store are comparable so that doesn’t help me make a decision.

    I am concerned that Apple may be too controlling for my taste. I want a small computer that makes phone calls, not an appliance. I dislike the tyranny of Steve Jobs. I worry that I am making a bad choice for me.

    But more of my clients will get iPhones than Android ones. I rationalize my iPhone 4 order that it helps me support my customers better.

  3. Yeah, the edges on the new iPhone are sharper. But you’ll want a case to protect the back and prevent killing the reception, so that should help. And you’re exactly right – you give up some freedom in exchange for the iOS polish.

  4. The developer of Andronos has done a nice job, he must be a top notch developer, but….it doesn’t have the smoothness or polish of something like the official iPod app. I know, I am looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but Sonos should be making an offical Android app.

  5. Have played with the Andronos controller on my Evo 4g since the day after I got it. As a Sonos’ dealer, I am pretty stoked that it exists, as we hate to tell customers that don’t have a iPhone/iTouch, that are android folks that there isn’t an app for that, for them.

    The app is good, just not great. I have the iTouch just to control my Sonos system (along with the Sonos controller) and the ability to pick between the sources is a key feature missing in the Andronos. Without it, the customer has only partial control over the music, which makes it like having a radio remote that won’t change between stations, only controlling volume.

    I too wish Sonos would take a more active role in developing an app for the android market as they did with the Apple folks….

    Just my two cents.

  6. Because most folks are going to the download the compiled app from the Market – which is where I found it. But I’ve updated the post with that link.

  7. Downloaded andronos. Unable to play an album, genre or artist. I have to select one song at a time. Am i missing something?

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