The New Xbox 250GB “Slim”

We knew the E3 annual gaming conference would bring the announcement of Microsoft’s Project Natal, rebranded as Kinect, but few of us were expecting a refreshed Xbox 360 console. After years of unfulfilled Xbox 306 “Slim” rumors, perhaps we just gave up on the idea. But, MS has delivered.

The new Xbox 360 form factor is available first in the “Elite” spot ($300, 250GB, 802.11n), with a refreshed lower-end “Arcade” config to follow – once existing inventory has been depleted. The most obvious change is a sleeker and more compact enclosure, but Microsoft is also touting the fact that the new unit has been engineered be “whisper quiet.” Hopefully, they’ve also engineered away the red ring of death (RROD).

As attractive as the new case is, I’m disappointed that Microsoft wasn’t able to do away with a massive (and lit) power brick. Also, I’m a bit surprised to see they didn’t go down the Blu-ray path… to take on Sony. Had they, I’d probably have upgraded my primary gaming station. But, as it stands, I’ll wait on the lower end unit to bring Netflix, ESPN 3, and Windows Media Center extender capabilities into the bedroom.

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6 thoughts on “The New Xbox 250GB “Slim””

  1. I’m incredibly pumped for the ESPN3 option on the Xbox. With the recent ESPN deals with the SEC and the ACC, I can effectively watch all the football/basketball I want, without having to purchase ESPN Gameplan/Full Court or without having to rig an HDMI cable from a laptop to my TV.

    Go Dores!

  2. I completely agree with you Dave, a reasonably priced Bluray version would have had me pulling the trigger.

  3. No point in putting a BD player in there now. Stand Alone BD players can be had for $100. It made sense in 2006/2007 when stand alone BD players were so expensive. But now they are so inexpensive and will also only use a fraction of the power any gaming system will use.

    Plus I’m trying to get away from discs. After a dozen BD players I really don’t need another one. Although with 3D, it might get me to buy one more disc player.

  4. Wouldn’t Microsoft have to pay Sony for a license to put in a BluRay drive? If so, then there is no way that Sony would allow the competition to trump them in game consoles.

  5. I’m totally disappointed with this new 360 design – it looks like total cheap electronics junk..just baffling how Microsoft XBOX team have absolutely NO design capabilities. I’m not buying this crap.

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