RROD: An Unhappy Ending


My pal Tim is d-o-n-e. He’s wiping his hands clean of Microsoft gaming gear. His family will ultimately be a two-system home again, but a PS3 will join their Wii. Tim’s story (and ebay listing) in his own words:

You are bidding on a piece of junk XBOX 360. Please understand that this is non-functioning system. The system was repaired by me after the initial warranty expired, and before the new extended 3-year warranty was authorized. I had to glue the magnet back onto the DVD drive. It worked great for a while. However, this constitutes tampering in the eyes of Microsoft, and therefore, when I sent it in for repair for the rings-of-death they returned it un-repaired with the nice letter to XBOX enthusiast stating such. This was, of course, after a month of waiting, and in spite of the smarmy robot XBOX support voice-mail guy Max assuring me that my system had been repaired and was being shipped back to me. Max didn’t help me cancel my recurring XBOX live subscription. That involved moving through two different overseas calling centers. But, I digress.

This unit does not include the hard drive. The hard drive contains my personal information, including my credit card data. It also includes probably $75 worth of downloaded content. Bummer for me. I will be destroying the hard drive in a special ceremony involving a Bill Gates voodoo doll and and an unlicensed version of Windows Vista.

The power supply, cables and a headset for the controller are included. There are no controllers included. As far as I know those items work, but I can’t guarantee anything. In fact, I can’t recommend that you bid on this item at all. I wouldn’t. Maybe you can salvage something from the system. The cables? The headset is worth something, maybe.

I will also include something called an Intercooler. That is not shown in the picture. It’s a third party device that is supposed to keep the XBOX from overheating. It makes a racket, though, and there is no evidence that it does much of anything to keep the XBOX 360 from failing. In fact, because it puts additional load on the power supply, it could actually cause problems. Can’t recommend it either.

Proceeds from this sale will go to purchase of games and accessories for our fully functioning Nintendo Wii system. Bid at your own risk. This is JUNK. No returns. Paypal only. The shipping and handling is $19 via USPS. Barely covers my costs.

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  1. I’m almost at this point myself! I’m on my second 360 and now the disk drive tray won’t open. :(

  2. At between 16 and 33 percent failure rates, I cannot understand how anyone has fallen into this trap, much less ten million buyers. It’s from the same people that made the failure-prone original, they made crap the first time, why did anyone expect different? Halo 3 is not worth the three hundred and fifty dollars for the red-eyed monster.

  3. I bought an XBox a few years ago. It lasted 3 months and then just refused to operate. A couple of months ago I decided to get a gaming system after quitting WoW. I never even considered an XBox360 because of that original failure and everything I have read about the RROD. I’m sure many people have had gaming bliss with the XBox360, but I just wasn’t willing to roll the dice. Especially for that amount of money.

  4. it is an epidemic and one that will ultimately force M$ to tuck tail and exit the console gaming arena. I have about 10 friends who own(ed) a 360 and all of them have had it fail at least once….a couple of them are on their 4th and 5th shitbox.

    I myself own a PS3 and I have to say it is probably the best purchase of any electronic gear I have ever made. Great games currently exist, mindblowing ones are soon to appear, and with the only console capable of HD media playback, wireless, internet browser, fully functional media centre/player (pictures, music, video), and free online (just wait until Home arrives) it really is a no brainer.

  5. Hmm I must have got a good one. Ive have had mine for a year and a half with no problems (Now that I said that… ;) ) I also just got the ps3 and I have to say the graphics aren’t any better or worse than the 360. But thats just me.

  6. @hatter

    “Hmm I must have got a good one. Ive have had mine for a year and a half with no problems (Now that I said that… ;) ) I also just got the ps3 and I have to say the graphics aren’t any better or worse than the 360. But thats just me.”

    Your right they both identical but all those game that looks identical is made by a 3rd party developers and made first on a 360 then port it on ps3..just look at uncharted,MGS4 and gran turismo 5 you don’t see a game graphics like that on a 360 game..

  7. just bought a used ps3 off ebay last night..out of boredom I guess. My 360 has worked great, no issues for atleast 2 years. however, i JUST purchased the now $50 HD-DVD drive just for collectings’ sake, and now my power button refuses to work. i have to start up by opening the dvd drive and shut down with the controller, total silliness I tell you. not expecting too much from the ps3 either though, we shall see.

  8. i have both ps3 and 360 . not any problems w/ps3 and the 360 drive doesn’t like to work 4 me sometimes , plus its loud , but has good games . but starting now u would have to be fool to not go for the ps3 . the games and psn and the blu are awsome .

  9. Dave, I think you opened the fanboy floodgates here.

    I will say this – your friend should have known that Microsoft wouldn’t touch his console once he’d opened the case. Now, he could make a point that he opened the case before the warranty extension, if he was persistient enough with customer service, but that’s tiring. The fact is, since he opened the case, it’s possible he could have caused the hardware problem that’s causing the RRoD. It’s not likely, but it’s possible — so this is why MS, or generally any other consumer electronics company, voids the warranty once their product has been tampered with.

  10. I had mine for a month and it started failing to read discs and froze a few times. I also had no personal content on it other than a few demos. I returned it luckily after 27 days with a full refund. My PS3 which saw more use for media and online gaming has lasted since I obtained it in December 2006. I suppose some people are lucky but this won’t bankrupt MS, it would take alot more than these horrible consumer reports…it would take shareholders leaving.

  11. I never bothered with a 360. I bought an Xbox and it bored me. I’ll stick with Sony. I still own my original PS2 which I bought on day one. It works great although I don’t use it anymore. My 60GB PS3 has no trouble playing PS2 games.

    I still can’t believe how hard it was to cancel my Xbox Live account. You’d think they’d have to give you an easy way to cancel but it just isn’t anywhere easy to find. I wonder how many people stick with it just because they can’t find a cancel service link?

  12. Bleh, 360 is hott. I’d rather risk the RROD for halo 3, bioshock, gears of war. instead of what even is there for ps3? lil big planet? woohoo, only good game exclusive.

  13. I’m sory danielle Sabol i didn’t know mgs4, ressistance 2, killzone 2, God of war 3, Tekken 6 and probaly Street fighter IV, GT5, Final Fantasy XIII,warhawk, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier, Motorstorm 2 are all shit I think I’ll trade in my ps3 now and buy a 360 games
    In the words of Borat NOT….
    give both consoles a chance they both have faults

  14. lol i got to say how 360 users face it dudes you guy’s bought a 360 its garbage all my friends you think some would be good but all of there shitboxes got rrod very bad service give hands up for sony its an amazing system home i have home beta finaly got to meet some people online on wednesday for the first time and let me tell you watch yout for ps3 its only the tip of the iceberg belive me

  15. They tried to do that to me. But after I filed a complaint with the BBB, they gave me a new console and 6 months free Xbox Live. It was still a shame that I had to go there.

  16. I have an original xbox that is now 3 years old with no problems. Just thought someone should have a good story to tell.

  17. I’ve had my 360 about 16 months now with no problems, knock on wood. Though, when we move next month the ventilation is going to be worse with an over-fireplace cubby for the entertainment gear.

  18. I am on my 3rd 360. It is my favorite purchase ever. I am glad I bought it almost 2 years ago now. I knew it was a great product when I got frustrated when I couldn’t play it last time it broke (during Thanksgiving weekend).

    With Blu-ray winning the HD format war, I now plan on purchasing the MGS4 Dual Shock 3 PS3 pack in June. Mainly to watch movies, but also to play PS3 exclusives.

    Multiformat games I plan on playing on the 360.

  19. Sabol, you know nothing about the games coming on the PS3 or the games that are currently around. The Newest games coming are so huge that I doubt 360 exclusives will top them. The 360’s may have great games but it still doesn’t change the fact that their system is a piece of crap. I was bugging my uncle to get one for Ninja Gaiden 2 but I would rather see him save his money and for me to wait for a variation of the game than for the RROD to pay a visit at my house.

  20. Wow this sucks… I got RROD today. first problem since i got it. I don’t know if ill be able to fix it. I used to love my 360 but now I’m pissed off.

  21. MS should have spent more time on their console. Now lots of ppl think the console is crappy but it probably wouldn’t be if they would’ve taken more time. I just hope i don’t get RRoD anytime soon with my xbox 360 arcade. lol Pac-Man is pretty fun

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